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Did You Know about the Tay Canal Works Explosion?



Construction of the Tay Basin -Perth Town Hall in background–Photo from Susan Code’s Page 

In 1885 a dynamite explosion  accidentally occurred according to the Dominion Annual Register Review  at the Tay Canal Works, Beveridge’s Bay causing the complete demolition of the engine house and severely injuring Mr. George P. McDonald, a son of the contractor and two other men named Buchanan and Lewis. McDonald died of his injuries February 8th.

Perth Courier, Feb. 13, 1885

On Sunday morning last about 11:00 Mr. George P. McDonald, one of the sufferers from the dualine explosion at the Tay Canal Works, Beveridge’s Bay, breathed his last near the spot where the accident took place.  The terrible injuries received and the shock to his system proved too much even for his robust constitution.  His remains were brought to Perth Sunday afternoon followed by a large concourse of employees, workmen and friends and were sent for internment at Toronto.  The deceased was the fourth son of the well known contractor of this and other public works Mr. A. P. MacDonald and was 28 years of age at the time of his death.  The blow to his bereaved parents is a terrible one.  The other victim, William Lewis, is still in the Ottawa Hospital but we understand he is sinking rapidly.  He is too weak to stand amputation of his limbs and this would be his only chance at life.

On another note??…

Perth Courier, April 17, 1885

On Friday last an employee on the Tay Canal, Denis Cahill, got drunk and of course took a walk along the railway track.  Near the western limits of the town he lay down on the track so as to be in good shape for mutilation by a passing train.  A freight train came along after a little bit but the cow catcher quickly shoved him off to one side by catching him on the side of his head.  Strange to say, he was not seriously hurt and was taken to the Perth lockup.  Dr. Kellock sewed up the ghastly wound and had him ready for transfer to the Ottawa Hospital the next day.


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A Few Words from Jamie Law





If you wish to donate cash or cheque you can go to Murray’s Furniture and Flea Market.

Address: 525 High St, Carleton Place, ON K7C 3P1



Jamie Law posted the following on his Facebook page

Shocked. Overwhelmed. Incredibly grateful. These are just a few words describing how we’ve been feeling these past 48 hours. We are so overwhelmed by the amount of love and support we have received from this amazing community.

Seeing our beloved restaurant completely destroyed Tuesday in the light of day was definitely hard, and there is nothing left but rubble. We are still waiting to hear what caused the explosion, but will hopefully know more soon. In the meantime, we are taking each day as it comes. This has been made easier by some important players: you.

Whether you’re family, friends, customers or business colleagues, we can’t fully express our complete gratitude for all that you’ve done for us since Tuesday. From reaching out through phone calls, texts and emails to providing us with monetary support as we raise our eight-week-old newborn, your kindness does not go unnoticed during this especially difficult time.

The Law & Orders family would like to thank each and everyone of you for your outreach, support and compassion.

We’ll be in touch.

Jamie, Heather and Baby Jack



If you wish to donate cash or cheque you can go to Murray’s Furniture and Flea Market.

Address: 525 High St, Carleton Place, ON K7C 3P1


The Sad Remains of Law & Orders– Destroyed last Night



Photo by Linda Seccaspina


Event FACEBOOK PAGE  Hosted by Brea Lawrenson and David Hellam


This is what is left of Law & Orders just near Innisville. All of you know what it once was, and how much Jamie Law does for our community.

Law & Orders had an explosion at their restaurant last night around midnight and it has been completely destroyed! The blast was so intense it was felt for 8 km. Jamie is left without a business, and with a 7 week old baby and wife. He has helped all of us– it’s time to help him. A crowd funding page has now been set up.

We are here for you Jamie.. Tell us what you need.

You can spout off all you want about insurance etc etc– but until you have run a small business first hand in this economy, and dealt with a tragedy like a fire, then you can talk to me.

I went through a fire and have written about it, and what Jamie and his family are going through now is something you never want to experience. The Law family now needs the support of the community, and I know we can all get them through this. I talked to Jamie first hand very very briefly and as you can well expect he is in shock and very worried. I walked back to my car in tears.



Event FACEBOOK PAGE— Hosted by Brea Lawrenson and David Hellam