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Memories of Mae Gilhuly

Memories of Mae Gilhuly
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
23 Jul 1966, Sat  •  Page 20

Evelyn Wilson, was 89 in October of 1966 and was one of the few remaining links with the past in Carleton Place. Each night her nurse and companion, Mae Gilhuly turned the five-inch iron key in the large “coin locks” on each door. The locks were made by a British firm whose trade mark was a coin of the realm, imbedded in each lock it turned out.

Both Mrs. Gilhuly and Evelyn Wilson lived in the town’s third-oldest stone house that was the home of generations of Wilsons on Bell Street. It was built in 1841 by Miss Wilson’s grandfather, Dr. Wilson, who came from Glasgow to tend the sick of Morphy’s Falls now known as Carleton Place.

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So who was Mae Gilhuly?

Memories of Carol Silliphant

My mom was Evelyn Maude Gilhuly Hanson, her sister was Vi Labron, brothers: Charles, Victor, Reg, Len ( had a store in Perth) Art,and Alton, the youngest and her sister that died as a young girl was Mona Rose

My grandmother was Mae Gilhuly (nee McAllister), grandfather,  Gordon Gilhuly. I went there every summer and my grandmother had a nursing home there. Mae was a close friend of Geordie Findlay, and when he asked her to marry him, she said the last thing she wanted was another husband, so he married another friend of theirs, and they all stayed good friends. She had a sister Pearl who lived across the street from the Governor General,and they were always invited to the garden parties.

Mae’s husband Gordon, had been chief of police in Almonte, Perth,and Copper Cliff ( near Sudbury), died at a younger age in 1937. Some say he had a  broken heart after their first born died at age 26 from an infection I believe came after a surgery. Nana raised the remaining 8 on her own, quite the woman and her later years she lived in her little apt.was on Beckwith Street in Carleton Place. Nana was always older than the ladies she looked after and maybe she weighed  98lbs. But she was a strong woman and her favourite television show was The Little Rascals! She was a wonderful person,and a pillar of the community


The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
13 Jul 1943, Tue  •  Page 5
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
30 Jun 1937, Wed  •  Page 15

Mona Rose Gilhuly

BIRTH3 Jan 1909Smiths Falls, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
DEATH14 Feb 1935 (aged 26)Perth, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
BURIALHillcrest CemeterySmiths Falls, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada
MEMORIAL ID211416026 · View Source
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
22 Mar 1945, Thu  •  Page 17

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The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
17 Sep 1938, Sat  •  Page 14

1922 census

Name:Mona Rose Gilhooly
Racial or Tribal Origin:Irish
Marital Status:Single
Birth Year:abt 1909
Birth Place:Ontario
Residence Date:1 Jun 1921
House Number:184
Residence Street or Township:434 Nepean
Residence City, Town or Village:Ottawa
Residence District:Ottawa
Residence Province or Territory:Ontario
Residence Country:Canada
Relation to Head of House:Daughter
Father’s Name:Gordon Gilhooly
Father Birth Place:Ontario
Mother’s Name:May Gilhooly
Mother Birth Place:Ontario
Can Speak English?:Yes
Can Speak French?:No
Can Read?:Yes
Can Write?:Yes
Months at School:9
Municipality:Well Ward Ottawa
Enumeration District:110
Sub-District:Wellington Ward
Sub-District Number:37
Enumerator:JMC Leod MC allester
District Description:Polling Divisions nos. 43 and 45 – Consisting of all that part of Wellington Ward bounded as follows: – On the north by Gloucester Street, on the east by Lyon Street, on the south by Cooper Street, and on the west by Bronson Avenue
Household MembersAgeRelationship
Gordon Gilhooly35Head
May Gilhooly34Wife
Mona Rose Gilhooly12Daughter
Charles Gilhooly Jr10Son
Reginald Gilhooly8Son
Arthur Gilhooly7Son
Leonard Gilhooly6Son
Victor Gilhooly4Son
Violet May Gilhooly11/12Daughter

1922 census

1922 census

Heh Miss Wilsonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Carleton Place Heroe


Each time I read about our local coroner, Dr. Wilson, who lived on Bell Street in Carleton Place I think of Mr. Wilson from the syndicated comics Dennis the Menace. Strange– but I guess it’s just a way of brain affiliation to recall things. Wilson came to Carleton Place from Scotland in the early 1840s and was the town doctor and coroner until his death in 1887. Did you know his granddaughter, Major Evelyn Wilson R.N., lived in the home Dr. Wilson built, and is important to the history of Carleton Place?


Evelyn was a decorated veteran nurse from the first world war. The Major R.N. was a matron in charge of a ‘stationary hospital’ at bomb blasted Gallipoli and besieged Alexandria. Not only was she a proud member of our branch 192 in Carleton Place, her name is on our Carleton Place Legion front door. She was instrumental in establishing a Ladies Auxiliary for the Legion Branch, and also the founding President of the Auxiliary.

She was overseas from February 1915 to May 1919, and was awarded the Royal Cross decoration established by Queen Victoria during the Crimea war. Later she received a bar to the cross for further distinguished service. The medal was presented to her by King George V at Buckingham Palace for re-establishing a hospital in Doullen, France after it had been destroyed by the enemy. The list of honours goes on for this brave woman, and at the end of each day in her later years, she and her nurse Mae Gilhuly turned back the five-inch iron key in the coin locks on each door. It was just tradition to mark another day had passed in her life— in the home that Dr. Wilson was in 1841.


The only modern thing Miss Wilson ever had in that home was an electric range, refrigerator and a 21 inch television. In 1965 when the then 89-year-old veteran lived in the home; the kitchen still had the original hearth that once cared for all the family’s needs. The house was full of clocks, beautiful collectible glass, and still had working coal oil lamps. In one of the four bedrooms upstairs still stood an ornate carved master suite set that was the original part of the house decor.


Miss Wilson was an avid reader and had countless newspapers, books and magazines throughout her home. She had a great sense of humour seeing the amusing side of everyday events. Carleton Place always held her attentions with a keen interest in the town’s affairs. She was not only a longtime member of the legion, but also of the Capt. Hooper Chapter of the IODE. Evelyn never married, and was over ninety years old when she died. She was buried in the Auld Kirk Cemetery along with her mother and step-father Robert.


One of her favourite clocks in the Wilson home made by Terry and Son in Connecticut read:

“Warranted only if well used.”

Evelyn Wilson never need a warranty on life. She succeeded— 100% guaranteed


The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
12 Jun 1954, Sat  •  Page 12

Photos by Linda Secaspina- newspaper archives files from The Carleton Place Canadian at the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum

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