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Debunking a Postcard 1913 — Strange Ephemera

Debunking a Postcard 1913 — Strange Ephemera



Postcard from the collection of Doris Blackburn/ Karen Black Chenier

On July 9, 1913 Earl Thias, 16, was instantly killed when struck by a bolt of lightning during an electrical storm. He was seated on a wagon in a barn and lightning travelled down a rafter, striking him on the head. A crowd of men who were in the barn at the time, and each one of them was burned and shocked. A heavy gold watch worn by Abe Fielder was melted. Six horses, one cow and a mule valued at $2,000 were killed within a few feet 1913 of the men.

It took me awhile to find anything about this story on the postcard as people spelled lightening different ways. But, it did happen. Yes, this freak of nature did occur, and why they put it on a post card boggles my mind. But I had to document such a rare postcard.

 - .:. ... t!ie L. J. YOUTH KILLED Bl ELECIIIICWI...

  1. Clipped from

    1. The Tribune,
    2. 10 Jul 1913, Thu,
    3. Page 1
  2.  - KILLED BY LIGHNNING. V Earl Thias. Formerly of...

    Clipped from

    1. Jackson County Banner,
    2. 16 Jul 1913, Wed,
    3. Page 1
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Tom Edwards– Social Community History– Local Business Ephemera

Tom Edwards– Social Community History– Local Business Ephemera





No photo description available.

This was an award my grandfather won for making cheese.–Tom Edwards-So I found this trophy that my grandfather, Thomas Alexander Edwards won for his cheese making in 1928. I shined and took the tarnish off of it and I dare say it looks pretty good. 1928 is the year my dad was born, so I am guessing this is when he made cheese in Middleville, because they were living in Clayton at that time. The first place my dad lived was in Afflecks house, beside the dam in Clayton.

No photo description available.


No photo description available.


No photo description available.


No photo description available.


No photo description available.

Tom Edwards

The back of this picture says Aunt Katie.

No photo description available.

Tom Edwards

Findlay Foundry Manual telling you how to cook flameless. LOL Even has some recipes


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No photo description available.

So this is December 1975 and It’s the staff at the Royal Bank. There will be lots of people here that everyone on here knows. There are no names listed but I will try this. Front row left Ellen Neron (Ralphs Mom) Barb Hedderson, not sure of this one, might be Evelyn James, Janet McLaughlin, and Phyllis Donnelly. Back row left is dont know the first one, Ed Mannion, Teresa Edwards, the next 2 I don‘t know, the next one might be Marina Napier, Bob Mossing,then Audrey Kolar, mom Ilene Edwards, then Rick Jackson mom shirley Jackson. When you think of it, it’s quite a history in a small town. All of these ladies have been in my family’s life since I can remember. I may have a name or 2 wrong.

This is to announce the Grand Opening of the new branch, December 10, 1975 and the public was invited to come and meet Mary. Those of you will remember the TV commercials, that had Mary from the Royal Bank. LOL–Tom Edwards—






Businesses listed in book as follows:
1) Stewart Comba
2 Dacks Jewellers
3 Knowlton Grocery
4 Code Motors
5 Williams Prescription Pharmacy
6 A I Doucett Insurance
7 Kens Discount Shoe Store
8 Barker Funeral Home
9 Remembrance Gift Shop
10 Carleton IGA Foodliner Ken Anderson Proprietor
11 Howard Johnsons
12 Grahams Shoes
13 Blacks Texaco
14 Mississippi Travel Service
15 Hastie Bros.
16 Morrell Office Services
17 Bob Flint Radio and TV
18 Howard McNeely Barber and Auctioneer
19 Howard Little Barber
20 Ken Youngs Variety
21 Bennetts Butcher Shop

Book was done in 1972


People are very proud of their local history, but don’t always express how much they value a place until it’s threatened. Because it adds character and distinctiveness to an area, heritage is a fundamental in creating a ‘sense of place’ for a community.

Tom Edwards has taken the time to dig out old photos and ephemera and now we have it documented for life. If you have old photos or thoughts please send them to me at sav_77@yahoo.com so we can have them for all to see at the touch of the fingertip.






Carleton Place Then and Now–Bridge Street Series– Volume 4- Leslie’s China Shop to Rubino’s/Giant Tiger


Poutine Curds From the Appleton Cheese Factory?


13524371_10154090527236886_4508397967218918032_n (1).jpgPhoto-Steve Flint


Carleton Place Then and Now–Bridge Street Series– Volume 9–Flint’s to the Blue Spot

Bob Flint’s TV Tips

The Danger Zone —TV Technicians in Carleton Place


Comments Comments Comments–Documenting History


The Central Garage in Carleton Place by Terry Skillen

The Garages of Carleton Place –1970’s

unnamed (1)

Tom Edwards
December 28, 2017  · 

Another dandy with the women from the Royal Bank.