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I Can’t Believe She Left Me for Channing Tatum!



An email friend once told me her husband told her he was going out to purchase cigarettes at 10 pm one night. Odd? Not really unless you hear the rest of the story. He never came back! There will always be bad breakup stories but some of these lines you will not believe!

1. “I got a new job, I’ll call you when I get settled.” Yep, never heard from him again.

2. “I think I might be pregnant. And its not yours”!

3. “You are financially undesirable.”

4. “I was just going to wait for you to die, but that was taking too long”.

5. “Hey your GF changed her FB status from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘complicated’!”

6. “I like you so much that I would need a life time to tell you that, and that’s too long.”

7. “I’m dating someone else. If only I were in love with just one girl, not two.”

8. “I need to be more efficient with my time”

9. “You don’t look as you did on Christian Mingle. God Bless”!

10. “I don’t want to hold you back”.

11.”Maybe this break up will be good for you, since you’ve never really experienced pain before.”

12. “Maybe we were together in a previous life and this time I’m not making the same mistakes!”

13. “I’ve never lived on my own before and I feel like it’s something I should do.” (He is 41 years old!)

14. “The distance simply isn’t going to work, and I’m sorry about all the promises I couldn’t keep. If I told you I loved you, I’d only be lying to you and myself. You’re a good girl, find someone who will make you forget me. I will be cutting off all contact, I suggest you do the same. Stay strong.”

My worst breakup line?
1974- Downtown Ottawa- Pestalozzi College Residence- 10 man unit. ( I was the only female)

Sensitive soul asks me out on a date. Compasionate Linda cannot say no as she hates hurting people’s feelings, so agrees to go to a Donovan concert. Spends a completely miserable time sneezing uncontrollably from all the patchouli he wears. The Donovan fan comes back to my room for tea so I can figure out how to let him down easy. Four of the nine man unit bang on my door and want to watch Born Free so I tell him to hide in the closet while I try to get rid of them. They do not take no for an answer and the poor sap sits in the closet for a good 90 minutes. They finally leave and he begins to cry begging me to date him again. I look at him and say,” I will always love you, but I just don’t like you very much.” I still cannot believe I did that. Life isn’t for the weak, and love isn’t for cowards.


Breaking News: Batman to be Filmed in South Boston. – Zoomer



Breaking News: Batman to be Filmed in South Boston. – Zoomer.

It Must Be Easter – They’re Freezing Eggs! – Zoomers



It Must Be Easter – They’re Freezing Eggs! – Zoomers.


“I haven’t made fun of celebrities in a long time and I’ve decided to take a quick zing at a couple of them this morning. Please don’t think I am mocking those who are in reality seeking fertility treatments as that is a sensitive and serious business.”

Academy Awards – Vampire Facelifts and a Southern Baked Candle – Zoomers



Academy Awards – Vampire Facelifts and a Southern Baked Candle – Zoomers.


Robert DiNiro might not win supporting actor for Silver Linings Playlist at this evenings 2013 Academy Awards but don’t feel sorry for him. Like a kid coming home from a birthday party there is swag in dem dar hills. Distinctive Assets, a Los Angeles based marketing firm, created the luxurious gift bags the nominees will be taking home – a goody bag worth $47,802. It may sound like quite a fantastic prize – but it’s also the lowest-value gift bag given to the nominees in the last five years. I’m sure the celebs are in shock and feel damn near homeless at this point.

Grammy Awards – CBS Ayatollah has Declared Jihad on the Side Boob – Zoomers


Grammy Awards – CBS Ayatollah has Declared Jihad on the Side Boob – Zoomers.


“Just when you think they can’t do anymore to ruin the Grammy’s, a dress code was issued by CBS on Tuesday.

Date: February 5, 2013, 10:39:56 PM EST Subject: 55th GRAMMYS: Standard And Practice Wardrobe Advisory

-kindly confirm receipt of s&p standards-
***GRAMMYS 2013***
CBS Program Practices advises that all talent appearing on camera please adhere to Network policy concerning wardrobe.

Please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. Thong type costumes are problematic. Please avoid exposing bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack. Bare sides or under curvature of the breasts is also problematic.”