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What You Will Take Away From Ladies Who Lunch


When I used to have PMS I loved 9 1/2 Weeks to boost my morale. I know—- but you have to try everything.

Now it’s Fifty Shades of Grey -yes, even with the bad editing and writing. I murmur as the author says a million times in her books, that I can be better each day.

I still get hot and bothered over the world of DANCE, and it sets my spirit going each and every day.

Colin Firth and Rick Derringer can still get my mind racing for new ideas.

Buying fashionable shoes used to make me happy — now if I can find¬†anything¬†to fit my constantly swollen left foot I’m good.

I used to complain to other women about bloating, gas and cramps– Now I have someone on television remind me every chance she gets that I will be okay if I eat Activia. It’s all about sharing ladies!

I used to have angry outbursts–now I know there are many others like me and I have calmed down.

Pictures of babies used to bring me to tears of joy–or it used to be some new cat or dog meme. Now other women share their stories with me when I write, and that is all that matters.

Now, any time things go bad I try to reclaim my life, as it belongs to me, no one else. Right? But, sometimes we need to bond, get away, or listen to others to realize it’s just not us. There are millions of women out there having a bad day, or struggling with life sometimes.

Come listen to these women speak their words of wisdom on June 6th at Ladies Who Lunch. In fact come, mingle, and listen to each woman’s story. Each and every one of you are winners. Angela Sutcliffe & Judith Cane are phenomenal business leaders who will combine their vast experience & knowledge, to help bring “YOUR” business to the next level. Wendy Daniels from BOOM-FM, who spent years at The Bear, is someone every single woman should meet.




Come as you are, and share your stories with each and every woman at Ladies Who Lunch June 6th in Carleton Place. In fact I am counting on it. Cannot wait to meet you!


Smile ladies, today is another day and Dance Like No One is Watching!