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Debunking a Postcard 1913 — Strange Ephemera

Debunking a Postcard 1913 — Strange Ephemera



Postcard from the collection of Doris Blackburn/ Karen Black Chenier

On July 9, 1913 Earl Thias, 16, was instantly killed when struck by a bolt of lightning during an electrical storm. He was seated on a wagon in a barn and lightning travelled down a rafter, striking him on the head. A crowd of men who were in the barn at the time, and each one of them was burned and shocked. A heavy gold watch worn by Abe Fielder was melted. Six horses, one cow and a mule valued at $2,000 were killed within a few feet 1913 of the men.

It took me awhile to find anything about this story on the postcard as people spelled lightening different ways. But, it did happen. Yes, this freak of nature did occur, and why they put it on a post card boggles my mind. But I had to document such a rare postcard.

 - .:. ... t!ie L. J. YOUTH KILLED Bl ELECIIIICWI...

  1. Clipped from

    1. The Tribune,
    2. 10 Jul 1913, Thu,
    3. Page 1
  2.  - KILLED BY LIGHNNING. V Earl Thias. Formerly of...

    Clipped from

    1. Jackson County Banner,
    2. 16 Jul 1913, Wed,
    3. Page 1
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