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What the Heck was Electric Soap? Chatterton House Hotel Registrar


Going through the registrar of the old Chatterton House Hotel (Queen’s Hotel) registrar there were many travelling salesmen that came to Carleton Place as they offered special sample rooms along with the Mississippi Hotel. People from around the many rural area towns came to buy their wares for their General Stores.


Soap was usually made at home, but Dobbin’s Soap from Pa. came into the limelight offering a soap made with no clay, grease or resin residue. Soon it was a or commodity for every homemaker to have. They first sold it for 20 cents a bar and then lowered it to 8 cents and finally got it down to 5 cents a bar in 1898. Dobbin’s advertised that Mrs. Enterprise used it and finished her wash by 9 o’clock. Mrs. Fogy however didn’t use it and had to work hard until 12 o clock. Of course there was no word on what time these women got up to begin their wash. It was also touted as the only soap you could use to make household soap for one cent a pound,

So there lies a signature of one Jno. J. Stock hawking his Dobbins Electric Soap selling Lanark County his Dobbin’s electric soap.

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