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Memories of Eating Easter Candy and Cake


All photos of edibles are in the reach of your fingertips. Photographed at Independent Grocers, Walmart, and The Old Towne Bakery in Carleton Place

Each Easter my Grandfather would go across the street to the candy store and purchase a large chocolate rabbit for myself, and a hen for my sister Robin. They had frosting trim, stood three feet tall, and were stored in bright colourful boxes full of enough white shredded paper to start a good fire later.


He also made a point of going down to the bakery and buying Hot Cross Buns. The buns were one thing, but what Grampy thought we were going to do with this huge amount of chocolate one only knows. However, my Grandmother knew exactly what she was going to do with it.

Mary Louise Deller Knight was going to freeze it like everything else that was considered leftovers. My Grandmother thought the freezer life span was forever, and she would some how fit that sucker into one of the tiniest freezers you had ever seen. A few months later in July, she would make some monstrous chocolate cake out of the Easter Rabbit for the annual Oyster Supper that my Dad convened at church.

As I have aged, I have discovered that Easter candy does not seem to travel as well in my body anymore. I get horrible heart burn, and have nightmares for the time span that I devour the sugary treats.

Last night I dreamt I was traveling on a bus for hours, and the night before I was trying to find Jane Austen. Austen was never to be found, but I did see a trail of shredded bright Cadbury Creme Egg foil so I assume she somehow got into my stash. The nerve of her!

Maybe I should have followed the advice of my Grandmother and just stashed the rest of the Easter candy on top of the fridge. Grammy claimed she always stored a lot of food on the top as calories were afraid of heights. Maybe this is my problem; I cannot lose weight because I don’t store candy at a high enough altitude. 

Happy Holiday weekend!

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It Must Be Easter – They’re Freezing Eggs! – Zoomers



It Must Be Easter – They’re Freezing Eggs! – Zoomers.


“I haven’t made fun of celebrities in a long time and I’ve decided to take a quick zing at a couple of them this morning. Please don’t think I am mocking those who are in reality seeking fertility treatments as that is a sensitive and serious business.”