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Hissing Steam, Parades and a 1930 Hearse–Pioneer Days Middleville

Hissing Steam, Parades and a 1930 Hearse–Pioneer Days Middleville


Middleville July 29 1971


Once upon a time the 1916 Titan Tractor and a 1887 Climax Corn cutter roamed the fields of Lanark County.

Once upon a time Middleville would have over 20,000 people come to the annual Pioneer days that was held over a two day event.

It was a time when steam hissing from smoke stacks, mile long parades, and a 1930 hearse would draw them in from all over Lanark County.



July 29 1971 Middleville


The butter was churned and dog power contraptions would entertain the folks, but mostly it was those old machines that had been given new life that people wanted to see. There was Albert Mitchell from Lanark Village with his son Arnold that had retrieved a 16 horsepower steam engine that had been retired from the fields in 1942. In the mid 60s it stopped rusting when the Mitchell’s began to restore it.




E.C. Giles of Almonte also rescued  a 17 horsepower Sawyer- Massey traction engine years ago and 3 years later the wood- burning tractor was ready for the fields again. Not to be beat Len MacKay of Middleville was also fascinated by restoration and had made his 1916 Titan and 1826 Eagle Tractors new again– even with parts hard to get.

Science owes more to the steam engine than the steam engine owes to science.


Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read.

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