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An Explosive Highway 7 Tale



A long time ago Highway 7 was just a little bit more than a wide cow path. Nat McAllister was sent to Ottawa one day with his truck to pick up some dynamite for a job he had to do in Carleton Place. On the way back, for safety’s sake, he decided to stick to the centre of the road. McAllister was no rocket scientist, but he was taking no chances of his truck going into the ditch with two tons of dynamite.

Near the Dwyer Hill 4 corners an oncoming car stopped dead in its tracks seeing that McAllister wasn’t giving any leeway to him. The owner of the car was frantically waving for Nat to stop the truck. Nat being an obliging man stopped and was immediately faced with a tirade of what was called ‘wicked words’ ending with the man claiming Nat might have killed him.

Nat never lost a beat and said to the man,

“It would better be the car than the truck, for I’ve two tons of dynamite on that truck.”

In ┬áthe flash of an eye, the driver of the car jumped into his car and put a wide space between the both of them in a couple of minutes. No doubt the driver just didn’t want to be involved with “a whole lotta shakin going on”.