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The Day Mike Muldowan’s House Burnt Down




It was in the 60s that the Carleton Place Canadian reported that a house was gutted and an adjoining garage was  damaged in a flash fire. That house belonged to famous chip maker Mike Muldowan on Franktown Road in Carleton Place, and the local Ocean Wave fire dept had it under control within 15 minutes.

At 11:30 am one Friday morning a crew of town employees passing the house noticed what seemed to be smoke coming from the building. Fred Harrington said the whole house seemed to just blow up, and the house and the garage were in flames in seconds. The alarm was turned in from the adjoining grocery store and residence occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Muldowan.


Photo from Jennifer Fenwick Irwin from The Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum


The dis-used house was used to store Mr. Muldowan’s grease for his potatoe business, and also his potatoes. This empty house on the Moldowan property was originally located across the street on Franktown Road and was moved when they were about to build the new Mississippi Manor subdivision.


Columns of black flames and smoke were visible for blocks and his loss was expected to be a heavy one.

Some 2500 feet of hose was needed to control the fire, and the house was once occupied by Mile Muldowan and years ago was the residence of Dunky Demers.


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