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Would You Allow Your Grandmother to Pick Up Trash?



Update from our Mayor– Louis A.. Council is on the DONATION BIN problem!

PLEASE keep donating to your local charities. The message in this post is “think before you donate”– do not dump just anything. Our charities NEED your donations. They just do not need things they do not sell. Call them if you are not sure.

I feel for the women of our local thrift shop The Exchange on Allan Street. Instead of worthy donations that would bring in money for the charities they raise, they are shelling out money to have unwanted donations removed. Some of these women are a tad older like myself, and it is difficult for them to wade through the mess people leave. There are some weekends I have seen furniture dumped there, and most know they don’t have a furniture department. Sadly, The Exchange is left to deal with it.

Did you know most castoff clothing dropped off in random parking lot donation bins doesn’t always end up with charities devoted to helping the poor? More and more, clothing collection bins are being operated by for-profit recycling firms or non-profits that give only a small portion of their proceeds to charity. Property owners complain no one asks permission to put the boxes on their land. Organizations aren’t picking up donations quickly, leaving some collection points overflowing.

The Carleton Place BIA has been plagued with these unregulated donation bins in the BIA District. The BIA has requested that Council ban donations bins in downtown Carleton Place that are not directly linked to a downtown business.

The increase in boxes everywhere is because of growing demand for used clothing that can be sold to make rags, making it a “multimillion-dollar business.” Donors needed to be careful and do their research before dropping off items in a bin. Instead, donate to several not for profit businesses who collect used items to have them recycled into our own community. Again, make sure they can sell it, and don’t dump. Call your local waste management for instructions! Everyone’s trash is not always someone’s treasure!

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