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Before and After in Carleton Place –The Doctor is in!


The present Drake family home on Lake Ave East in Carleton Place

This wood frame home cuts an elegant figure along Lake Avenue East. Built in 1896 by James Watt, and it has been a town landmark for many years. In 1897 on the town Carleton Place assessment role, the property was listed as owned by James Watt (JR) age 26, a carpenter. He came from a family of 14 children and was named after his father who was also a carpenter. James father, James Sr., was among the 2700 Scots who participated in the New Lanark Emigration of 1820-1821.

The  value of the vacant lot in 1897 was $200. In 1898, it showed that James also owned 1/2 acre on the same corner, but part of it was lots 8 and 15, which do not exist on that particular corner. If a home was to be built on said property it would be assessed as $1000 in 1898.


No date but I’d say early 1900’s.





Some people will remember there was once a kindergarten in the rear of the home run by Norma Cullen. William and Mary Ford paid a visit to Barbara Drake and told her the kindergarten room became a bedroom later on and still had the alphabet around the room.


The current owners, the Drake family,  purchased the home in 1986 and have put on an addition and completely renovated the kitchen.

Photos and info from the files of the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum.

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