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Sometimes You Just Have to Write About Doughnuts




Today I wrote a piece about our beloved Lanark County icon Carman Lalonde and then finished a short speech for the Dunlop/ Walsh dedication Saturday at 10am. Both subjects have been deep in my heart for the past couple of days. One was a beloved friend, and the other –a 52-year-old promise is about to be realized Saturday in Carleton Place. Add that to seeing my niece today for the first time in 20 years today– and well you get the drift.


Right now I am looking at the screen mentally exhausted and I figure another subject might stop the emotions I am feeling now.  So, let’s talk about doughnuts.

As you know I covered the ever important Maple Bacon Doughnut from Mitchell’s Independent last week, and this week I tried the Peanut Butter Chocolate one.

Moist doughnut covered in rich dark chocolate topped with a sweet peanut butter glaze swirls. These practically taste like Reese’s. I am sure these peanut butter/ chocolate doughnuts are sure to start your day off right when you have them for breakfast. But don’t quote me on that.

Next week the Salted Chocolate Caramel whatever one🙂 Or you can try it for me and send me your opinion:)

If you see Jeff Mitchell ask to see his finger- Now that’s a story! A painful one.



Found– Maple Bacon Doughnuts in Carleton Place

My Quest for the Almost Fat Free Donut





Written in 2013

Open six days a week now!

I had seen the food company HFT being talked about on “Regional Contact” on CJOH-TV and was curious. Word on the street was an inventor in Almonte, Ontario had created a donut with 60% less fat. “Be gone,” I said to myself, how can that be?  The group at HFT have one goal, and that is to change the world concerning obesity. Their approach to help combat obesity with fried food is simple: the solution is not in how and what people eat but it is in how it is processed.

Okay, I can go along with that, but isn’t the man in charge of this, Ed Atwell the creator of the iconic and Canadian patented Sunnymoon Donut? For those of you not into the donut scene; the Sunnymoon Donut is a half-chocolate, half-vanilla hoop of cakey dough. Yes, miraculously the chocolate and vanilla doughs don’t mix, but rather bond together in a yin-yang alliance. Homer Simpson would be proud!

I was kind of excited as I ventured inside the concrete block building. I am not supposed to eat anything with flour as I have celiac disease– but would I trade one bite of an experimental donut for science, even if it meant great irregularity that night? You bet I would!

All was not calm that day my friends! HFT opens only on Friday mornings and for a few hours the line was giving the local Tim Horton’s across the street a run for their money. People were clutching their cash and asking what flavours were left, and of course, someone attempted to line-jump in front of me.

She had breathed down my neck for 8 minutes, yet she later claimed she had not seen me, but she most certainly had seen the Boston Creme donuts being ushered out for a special order. Customers were so excited I am sure they would have bought the naked Boston Cremes he also brought out, but returned to the back.

Atwell has been working in the food industry for over 25 years and his dream has always been to find a way to reduce the fat content in fried food. These donuts have been tested at laboratories and they have conquered their quest for a fry-baker that produces a plain cake vanilla donut that only has 4.5 grams of fat.


Enough of the technical jib-jab let’s get on to the taste. After wrestling a place in line I came out with 6 perfect donuts. Why are there only 5 you ask? Okay, I confess! I, like Atwell, had to test a donut even if it was not going to agree with my colon.

I promised myself I would not eat the cake part and only suck out the filling. Don’t bother to bet anyone, as I did bite into one of the softest, most delicious, concoctions of sugar I have ever tasted. Yes, that lemon filling is a sultry as it looks. I am sorry smell-a-vision does not exist because this donut would have blinded you with science!

I had one issue though, as driving and eating a donut do not mix. Due to the excess powdered sugar, the passenger seat looked like someone had a cocaine binge. I was later asked if I had eaten a donut in the car to which I quickly denied. Heck, I had bought them all donuts, they didn’t need the whole damn story.

Honestly, I thought I had cleaned it all up. Be forewarned drug-users, it never all goes away. I mean you could look at this donut and see the hole in my story.

Like Matt Groening once said, “Donuts, is there anything they can’t make us do?”