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Keith Morrison and the William and Catherine Struthers Morris Family

Keith Morrison and the William and Catherine Struthers Morris Family



Know your People of Carleton Place—We have the Morris Room in the Carleton Place town hall. I did not know much about Keith Morris. We all do now.

Know your People from Carleton Place


This is Keith Morris’s Great Grandparents.. the picture is of William Morris, Catherine Struthers Morris and son William.. The picture accompanied an article entitled the Scottish weaver... Donna Mcfarlane


Jo-Anne Dowdall-Brown A true gentleman!

Donna Lowe Ward Such a lovely man. Keith and his wife Beth were our neighbors on Charlotte Street and were so kind and friendly.

Janet French-Baril A wonderful man, full of kindness.

Theresa Fritz He was a great guy and great CAO. He wrote me the most beautiful letter of reference when he reitred. I still have it to this day.

Marlene Springer Started and went to school with his eldest daughter, Ann, Keith worked for Findlays in sales until working for the town. Again he had my dad repair town parking meters!

Stephen Giles Keith was one of the most ethical men to have ever walked through the doors of the Town Hall. Keith, his wife Beth and their family were the nicest people you could know.

Karen Blackburn Chenier One of my favourite people ever.Grew up on Charlotte St and probably spent more time at the Morris home than my own.I can still hear his very distinct chuckle. Great sense of humor which his kids have inherited.!

Laury Foubert Wonderful Boss. Very fair and approachable. Those were good times at the Town Hall.

Karen Dorman This is my uncle. He was married to Beth Stanzel. They have 5 children. Linda , the Morris violin at the Middleville museum was donated by his family.

Dot Smith Great great gentleman very sweet to everyone , Town Hall had a gem when Keith worked there 👍🏼💚

Sandy Dobie Keith was a very special, gentle man who played golf at Mississippi when he finally retired.



all photos Donna Mcfarlane




Another child of William and Catherine Struthers was Janet who married her first cousin John Cleland.. (taught in Ramsey) one of their daughters Nettie married Albert McGonigal and she would be Bill McGonigals grandmother.. the two girls are Nettie on left and Annie Cleland– the couple are Nettie and Albert McGonigal…





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