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We Need Loonies for the Carleton Place Legion–Branch 192


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As a child I remember a time when my families branch of the Royal Canadian Legion was packed. Members and families flocked to the Davignion Blvd Branch #99 building in Cowansville, Quebec each week without fail. Those were memories of good times, but today the times are different.


It’s no secret that our Canadian Legion branches are struggling to survive. Sadly, it’s not only an issue of fading veterans and difficult fund raising– it just seems to be a tragic sign of the times. For anyone that doesn’t realize what a Legion is or was, it’s just isn’t a club for veterans and drinking. Once upon a time it was the centre of many communities. Think back to the times you went to a legion hall for weddings, Christmas parties and other events. I am sure there are very few of you that don’t have a passing memory.


Ontario has approximately 415 Canadian Legion branches and about 140,000 members. A lot of those very legions now face infrastructure issues, including our very own Branch 192 in Carleton Place. Member attendance has become a difference between the two eras. Instead of spending five years in the service, it’s seen more as a career option now. It’s a different time.

There are about 10% of these very dedicated branches that are closing annually now. Participation and fundraising is down. Branch 192 is trying to do more with a lot less people, because of the aging veterans. The survival rate is presently five years for some of our Canadian legions. Do we want Branch 192 in Carleton Place to suffer the same fate?

Our Carleton Place legion is now left to figure out how they can continue to serve the community and veterans, while remaining viable and keeping the lights on and the leaks out. Branch 192 of the Royal Canadian Legion is turning to the community for help due to mounting financial pressures. Just one loonie from each person in Carleton Place could solve a lot of problems. Don’t let the taps play out for our branch.



For more information about the legion or to make a donation, contact Brian Comeau at bc3comeau@gmail.com or call the legion at 613-257-1727.

Let’s do it for our dedicated Legion members and for Ron Roe that once set up the Hall of Valor

Read Tara Gesner’s interview with Brian Comeau here.

Let’s Break the Internet! Make Carleton Place’s Branch 192 Legion Video Go Viral!


Thank you to the Carleton Place Legion Branch for creating this video. What a beautiful, supportive town we live in. Enjoy and let’s share it everywhere and make it go viral! If the Kardashians can break the internet, so can we! Let’s break the Internet for the Carleton Place Legion!