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Dolley Madison “Master Chefing” While White House Down 1814!

Dolley Madison “Master Chefing” While White House Down 1814!


In 1812 Canada wasn’t a country yet, but it was still part of the British Colonies. We, in fact, did not become a nation until 1867. So where Donald Trump got his facts about us Canucks “burning down the house” in Washington during 1814 I will never know.

The wife of then President James Madison, Dorothea “Dolley” Dandridge Payne Todd Madison, set high Washington entertaining standards during her reign. Dolley was initially a hostess for President Thomas Jefferson, who was a widower, and then as first lady during the presidency of her husband from 1809 to 1817. As the leader of the Washington social scene she presided over the country’s first inaugural ball and never forgot a name or a person’s face, nor any of the British that night in 1814.

She was a spunky woman who was known for her charm and grace, and Dolley not only served a wondrous meal that fateful evening, but also saved the famous Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington from the White House fire. What’s more, in the expectation that the US army would beat the British, the American President and his wife had ordered a tremendous celebratory meal prepared for 40 guests.

Close up plate if crispy fish croquettes garnished with chives.


Madison might have been president, but he was no great war leader. He chose two hopeless misfits to manage the country’s defence. His War Secretary, John Armstrong, arrogantly refused to take any serious measures to meet the British invasion. Now that was a “Dolly Madison Zingers” box of wrong!

When the British invaders in their blood-stained uniforms burst into the White House, they found the table elegantly laid for dinner, meat roasting on spits and the President’s best wine on the sideboard.

The menu for Dolley’s guests that night included: hors d’oeuvres of  Fish Croquettes, and Stuffed Mushrooms. Then there was fresh roasted meat of “ox or heifer” with a Crab Sauce Demi-glaze, White fish and Black Bass, Potato Ragout and a Vegetable Medley served with bread made from Canadian flour. Yes, Canadian flour. The evening’s dessert was to be a surprise. I bet they had no idea that a “flambe of sorts” was to be on the menu.

The British were said to be delighted and tucked into the meal as soon as they charged into the White House. One young officer said of the President’s Madeira wine: ‘Never was nectar more grateful to the palates of the gods’. Afterwards he scampered up to the President’s bedroom and swapped his sweaty tunic for a freshly-ironed presidential shirt.

Meanwhile back in the dining room, one of his comrades bundled up the White House silver cutlery in a tablecloth. The British commander then calmly told his men to pile the chairs on to the tables and torch the place!

Before the night was done the British had also burned both houses of Congress, the War Office, the State Department and the Treasury. It is the only time in  U.S. history that outsiders have raided the capital and the war with America went on for only four more months with no real gains for either side– but the meal consumed by the British that night at the White House was talked about for months.

The fire caused by the British in 1814 was not the only fire that damaged the White House. In 1929 in the attic of the Executive Office wing had extensive fire damage, requiring President Hoover to vacate the office while repairs were made.

Thank you– that is all. As they say in South Park– go ahead– Blame Canada! 

Anyways I heard it was Russia! LOL


AJ CalhounHistorical note re: the 1812 invasion: The tiny town of Brookeville, MD, has the distinction of having served as the nation’s capital for at least a night when everybody got the hell out of dodge and the fire department failed to respond in DC. (there wasn’t one yet). Brookeville is also notable for being located at a dangerous dogleg in Rte. 97 heading toward Sunshine, MD, so if one is sightseeing and fails to negotiate the turn and survives, there is a little bit to see (and of course antiques, antiques!). The British had no idea where Brookeville was, and if they had they would have run into Mr. Brooke’s house anyway. The Brookes and the Lees intermarried later, before the next uproar. They built a country club, too. So there’s that.

With files from my newspaper archive and daily mail click here
Shayne Moore I guess since it was in part a retaliation for the recent American destruction of Port Dover in Upper Canada, he thought they did it. But it was actually the British! Never before in American history has there been a president who needed so much help in American history! God save the rest of us!

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And so it begins.. “An Ape in Heels”



It hasn’t taken long for racism to rear its ugly head since the United States election ended over a week ago. Racist graffiti popping up all over the United States is terrible, but yesterday’s Facebook post by a director of a state and federal-funded nonprofit in West Virginia is inexcusable.

Clay County Development Corp. director Pamela Ramsey Taylor posted :

“It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House. I’m tired of seeing a Ape in heels.”

To make matters worse Clay Mayor Beverly Whaling replied to the comment, “Just made my day Pam.”

Of course they deleted their posts soon after– but it was too late- screenshots were taken all over the world. At 5:35 yesterday  it was announced that Beverly Whaling, would be resigning as mayor of the town of Clay, effective immediately.  Both women insisted it wasn’t meant to be racist– and they expect people to believe that–that’s the second insult. Only difference is: unlike the first insult, the second insult isn’t racist–it’s an insult of people’s intelligence.

What’s worse than a racist? One that turns around and denies what they said or did. If you said it, then own it and deal with the consequences. Is she aware that the future first lady posed nude, allegedly worked illegally in the US, and lied about her education? No other First Lady in history has that dubious distinction. Classy is not the word that comes to mind either–but hey, that’s just my opinion.

This is only going to get worse, and the level of racism, homophobia, and xenophobia has reared its head in less than a week. In the words of the late Gwen Ifill“They decided this culture of meanness was fine — until they got caught. My concern about a lot of people and a lot of the debate in this society is not that people are sorry that they say these things, they are sorry that someone catches them.”

But, maybe a Trump win needed to happen so the United States could be exposed, and now they need to decide where to go from here. Of course racism is a thing of the past right?  The Supreme Court in its 5-4 decision eliminating a key provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, said so. However I am reminded of what one southern gentleman, William Faulkner, once said…“the past isn’t dead. It’s not even past.” But if the Supremes say, we live a post-racial society, it must be true, right?

Maybe we can add a new cycling event to the Olympics–racist backpedalling.




Is the US Now the Most Dangerous Country in the World?


15657.jpgPhoto–The Canadian National Newspaper


It really happened–and it almost feels like the beginning of a dystopian novel.  I am shock and awed as they say that Donald Trump has become the new president of the United States.  Sure the United States has ensured crappier presidents, worse campaigns, a Civil War, and many houses divided– but I am just hoping fascism does not grip too tightly on our neighbour south of the border.

Last nights win is where America proved it’s okay to sexually assault women, belittle minorities, disabled and veterans, defraud millions, lie about a billion and still hold office. I’d rather have a president who in the past exercised poor judgment, and could be surrounded by those who could steer them right, than one who continually proves to be of poor character.

So what happens now?

-How long will it be before the GOP repeals Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, OSHA, the EPA, and a myriad of  other advances of the 20th century?
-When will the working class wake up to the fact that the GOP sells them guns and God, but will never allow them a raise?
-What about Roe Vs. Wade or gay marriage? Will all this now be turned over to each state?-Will National parks will be sold, and coal ash and poison continue to blacken the air?
-Or even worse– I fear for the changes in the Supreme Court.

If the American electorate wanted change and they think Washington is broken, why are they sending most of Congressional incumbents back up there? Change? That’s a laugh. If things go wrong they will just continue to blame Obama and minorities and ignore the impact of Trump’s disastrous policies.

Along with this election win we have taught everyone that bullies win and women don’t matter. We have shown them racism and sexism is okay. Where did the highly touted values, morals and integrity go?  Parents will now have to explain to their children that someone who possesses none of those things was able to ascend to the presidency. I woke up this morning hoping this was a dream–unfortunately President Trump’s message will last far longer than his 4 years.


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Should Canadians Not Have a Say in the New Proposed American Neighbourhood Fence?



atanya.jpg (Photo by Tanya Harrison)


This was written way before talk of the Trump Mexican Wall

Hot off the CBC news yesterday was an item that the United States is ‘mulling over’ building fences along the border with Canada to help keep out terrorists and other criminals. “The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency has proposed the use of “fencing and other barriers” on the 49th parallel to manage “trouble spots where passage of cross-border violators is difficult to control.”



Does a fence really keep anyone out? I remember watching Ange work on one for almost a day years ago to keep our dog from running away. Hours later as the dog had also watched “the builder” intently, I clapped my hands for Zarry Boy to come. The dog took a long slow look at the new 12 ft. fence and within three seconds he cleared it and was free.


While I applaud anything that will keep our countries safe I wonder if this is the right way to go. There are no proposed drawings and they do not provide details about what the fence might look like. Will it blend in with the neighbourhood and “complement the natural landscape” and might Yogi Bear or other wildlife have problems migrating?  Of course like most neighbours when someone is upgrading their yard there are many views on this subject and I though that I might share some:


“Will Americans build the fence? Or will they outsource the panels to China and use cheaper Mexican immigrant labor to install it?”


“Can we put ramps on both sides so that cars can jump the fence?”


“Maybe they can fence my backyard first?”


“It’s sad, when the fence goes up, no more cardiologists will be sneaking across in the middle of the night with H1 visas.”


“It won’t work in the wintertime because once the snow builds up around those things, sports minded terrorists can just snowmobile right over the top.”


”Some of the country the border passes through has not seen any human contact since the last time the U.S. Customs guy (landscaper) came through.”


                                                  (photo: CBC News)


“Just one thing, can we have the Canadian feds and their followers who agree to this on the OTHER side when it’s completed!”


“Shouldn’t the US be focusing more resources near the violent border on the south end instead? I mean a few Canadian moose on the loose crossing the border never hurt anyone.”


“If they build a fence we can keep out all the illegals out as well…..like Randy Quaid!”


“Does the wildlife get a say in this? Will they have tunnels for toads and hedgehogs?” Won’t this fence kill more birds than wind mills and God forbid it should be electrified. It will  just end up becoming a giant wildlife zapper.”


“Whats next a shark ditch?”


“While they are at it they might as well build a fence around Hawaii too!”


“I can’t even keep cats out of my backyard with a mega-fence!”


“Will the fence extend over the top of the country so people won’t throw rocks on the other side?

“Are they afraid more Canadians will cross the border to buy cheaper booze?”


“Remember the movie ‘Escape from New York’? You just know Snake Plisskin will beat this!”


“Which will they build first, the fence, or the Keystone Pipeline? Well, I guess they’ll have to find a way to get that big oil pipeline over the fence. Not to worry we will install a number of shut off valves in the oil pipe.”



                                         “All in all, its just another brick in “the wall”…



              Photo by Linda Seccaspina 2011- Thousand Island Bridge- US/Canadian border


Americans? Moving to the Land of the Flee?




How to “move to Canada” Google searches have skyrocketed since Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday performance yesterday. Media has also reported that the Canadian Government’s website was experiencing technical difficulties around the time of the search spike, though it is not known whether the two incidents were connected.

Did I also mention that Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz threatened to move back to Canada in the event he is elected President of the United States?

“America’s voters are telling us they want an outsider as president. Therefore, if I am elected as your president I will move to Canada to be as outside as I can get,” said Cruz.

This Presidential race has become a side show circus and I have never witnessed such a shabby list of political candidates running for President. In all the debates and news media attention, all I’ve heard is how much each of them can bash each other or run each other down. Really?

The American population is sucking it up like hungry babies drinking warm milk, and the news media dutifully reports every whimper and word with flashing banners and glaring headlines. Personally, I’d rather vote for my neighbour’s cat as the next President instead of any of the candidates I see running. Did I mention he is a Siamese cat too?

People need a reality check before burning bridges. As I have stated before--you cannot simply “move to Canada” or pretty much any first world country, because these countries have much more stringent immigration requirements. This means you need to have a REAL job offer or proof of income and assets that would be sufficient to keep you off any kind of social services that country provides for its citizens.


Now CNN has dispatched a crew to Cape Breton in Canada to find out what the island has to offer Americans considering leaving the United States if Donald Trump wins the presidency. Hell of a time to invite someone–right in March with spring break and all. Why not build a direct tunnel from Mexico to Canada? We can even have way stations with Starbucks and Ben And Jerry’s along the way. Cape Breton is a wonderful place. Scenery beautiful, people great–just one recommendation – Glenora Whisky needs to lower its price a wee bit so we could enjoy more of it.

Are these protesting Americans serious? Last night one of my American friends emailed me saying he passed the online practice test on Canadian Citizenship. He says he doesn’t own any guns and knows when to insert an extra “u” into words. He mentioned his great-grandparents immigrated from Canada and wonders if there is a there a “Law of Return” that he might qualify under? He told me to mention he also plays hockey and is a hell of a goalie.

If Trump becomes president Americans are more than welcome to try to come to Canada. I have a little extra room in my garage and there is poutine for all. Do you really want to immigrate to Canada? Join an NHL team, like the rest of them:)

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