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A Trip in the Carrying Case– Noreen Tyers

A Trip in the Carrying Case– Noreen Tyers




Linda, I recently got a new rescue dog Ruffy, he is a very tiny, black and tan chihuahua  dog and am writing some chronicles for him. I thought I would pass on the latest one.

A Trip in the Carrying Case

Now sometimes things do not always work out the way they should.  You find out that some are not really what they are cracked up to be.

These new fan dangle ways of doing things, you see my mistress thought she would try out the new Carrying Case.  She had left me a couple of times, and before she left she put me in my crate and gave me a cookie. Now for some reason this act, kind of annoys me and I start to raise a ruckus, I feel bad so I start to howl.  I hear my mistress taking the keys from her purse to lock the door, I DO NOT LIKE THE IDEA OF BEING LEFT. The keys do set me off, can you imagine she is leaving me and is she coming back? You see when a dog suffers through trauma, it does take a while to gain your confidence back after all I have had changes in the past few months.  When you hear the rattle of the keys you begin to wonder, am I going to left alone again, OH DEAR. That is the reason for the loud noises and to trust again, only time will tell.

Now this is the reason my friend Teri brought home the travel carrying case. The other day my mistress thought she would take me with her.  She put me in my travel case and attached the collar to the leash in the bottom. Now she took the time to put my sweater on to keep me warm.  I know she has a heart and is doing her best, but a dog’s got to do what a dog has to do and right now I do not want to be left alone. I know I will have to learn but for now I do this, people do notice and I will keep working on becoming brave.

Back to my carrying case.

The mistress will have to learn the best way to get me in the car, for goodness sake don’t load yourself down and carry to many things to the car, do the second trip. (You know I am finding these chronicles very handy as you see I think I get my point across.) My mistress does read the chronicles and she learns.  Sorry every once and awhile I get off track, She sets the case by the way with me in it, on the front seat next to her that is good I can look over and see what she is doing and that’s fine. Does she bother to take the grocery bags off the seat NO, can you imagine I am all off balance, Take Your Time Noreen, it does go better.  I wiggle a few times and she get the point, I am on a slant.

I had heard her phone and order some baking from the bakery, and tell them she would be by to pick it up.  We did not travel far and she parked the car, she says I will park here so you can watch what’s going on. Explain to me just how much can a canine see in a carrying case on the seat, absolutely nothing, ESPECIALLY MY SMALL BEING.   When will humans learn to put themselves in my place, OH WELL.

She tells me she will not be long, as all she has to do is pick up and pay, be a good pup and I’ll will be back in a Jig.  There I am, as I say a dog has to do what a dog has to do, I can’t see what’s going on GIVE ME A BREAK. I begin to wiggle and what do you know I got out of my case, it was a bit of a drag as I will still attached to the bottom of the case.  You have to realize I am only a tiny dog, but I am mighty.

It was a struggle dragging the baggage behind but I made it, THE WINDOW, up I get, what do you know I can now observe the goings on.  Well here comes my mistress she does not look at all pleased, “OH GOD THE LECTURE IS COMING”. What to do, What to do, can I make my tail, go in circles, I’ll try that might just distract her enough so the lecture does not happen.

Can you believe it did not work, she was upset, and she let me know it, now it did cause a bit of a problem getting me straighten out, but she managed, mind you her MOUTH WAS GOING.  I was placed back in my carrying case and placed on the passenger seat. She was annoyed with me and gave me the story about how I could have choked myself had I turned the wrong way and shortened my lead.

Can you believe she took me home, my trial run was not a good turn out.

I SURE HOPE I SOON LEARN HER HABITS, I guess it’s back to the crate again.




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Sam of the Russell Hotel in Smiths Falls

Sam of the Russell Hotel in Smiths Falls

Screenshot 2017-11-13 at 16.jpgPhoto by HeritageHouse on Twitter


Screenshot 2017-11-13 at 16.jpg

Photo by HeritageHouse on Twitter

It seems in the 1970’s the best known character in Smiths Falls was a 3 year-old Labrador Retriever named Sam. He wasn’t ‘no ordinary dog’ as they say,  and the Retriever was actually the nightwatchman of the Russell Hotel on Beckwith Street in Smiths Falls. Like everyone, he had a boss named Don Twible who had owned the hotel for a few years. Not even Don had to explain to Sam what his jobs were as Sam had everything down pat– and not one soul questioned him.

The minute the hotel closed down for the night Sam took over and so did his personality. When the stars twinkled in the Smiths Falls night sky man’s best friend became downright ugly. If you wanted to get in and out of that hotel you had to deal with Sam– if you dared. Word was if you ever wondered if there was life after death you might try a little trespassing at the Russell Hotel and find out.

Now Twible was much obliged to Sam’s devotion, but the thing that irked him the most was that more people knew and respected Sam than the owner of the hotel.  By night he patrolled the hotel looking for “ruff trade” and by day he became Mr. Personality making the rounds among the hotel customers. Everyone knows the best therapist has fur and four legs right? Every single day he picked one person at that hotel and they were chosen for a reason– to take him down to the Rideau River for a quick swim.

Former Smiths Falls councilman Neil Adler was a favourite of his as Neil knew how to throw a ball. Sam loved him because he was very clever telling Sam to invest in tennis balls as they had a high rate of return. Okay, maybe he didn’t say that but, he was never sure which ball Adler threw so he brought them all back. Sam was an honest dog, and he and the councilman were the only ones that knew where those balls were located so the dog never pressed his luck.

You would think with all that exercise Sam would have been a svelte dog– but nope- he was actually a kind of a “chunker”. That dog still had “Spring rolls” on him even after the Winter fat was gone because he truly believed that potatoe chips were like cats: you just can’t have one.

It’s 2017 now, and I’m sure Sam has long gone to the Rainbow Bridge on the Rideau River. Somewhere late at night in that old hotel in Smiths Falls you can probably still hear the pitter patter of small feet scaring the crap out of people and hiding potatoe chips– because in all honesty– we are all just stories in the end.




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