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The Dodds of Almonte

The Dodds of Almonte

Russell, Pearl, & Janice Dodds- David Tosh

Last week I found a clipping from a 1951 Almonte Gazette which I posted on Tales of Almonte on facebook. David Tosh added a photo and people put memories and that’s when you know everyone has a story to tell and it has to be documented. Thanks David Tosh, I appreciate it. Everyone needs to be remembered.


Christmas came twice this year for Russell Dodds in Almonte. The gift, which

according to Mr. Dodds, almost left him speechless was a 17-inch screen, Stewart-Warner Television set and it came on August 18.

Bob.Rivington, agent for Stewart Warner, arrived with the set on that day explaining that it was the gift of Gordon Hill, Geo. Gomme and Albert Gale, and that he would contribute the aerial and set it up.

Mr. Dodds is a triple amputee from World War II who came to live in Almonte at the close of the war with his wife, the former Pearl Bond. They have one daughter, Janice, who is six years old. Mr. Dodds’ home was at Tisdale, Sask., where his mother still lives.

His friends who derive considerable pleasure from viewing television, thought it would be a great pastime for him especially in winter.

Sept 1953 Almonte Gazette

David Tosh–Here’s a photo of Russell, Pearl, & Janice Dodds. Pearl’s maiden name would be Bond and she would be a sister to my grandmother, Mary Christina “Chrissie” (Bond) Tosh. Sadly, both Russell & Pearl died within weeks of each other in late 1960 when they were both in their early 50’s. Janice went to live with her aunt & uncle, Catherine “Kay” (Bond) & Harvey Goodfellow. Kay would be Pearl’s sister. David Tosh

Margaret McNeelyYes my Aunt Pearl and Uncle Russell were wonderful people. I spent a lot of time at their house and I use to babysit their daughter Janice

Myrtle I. McNeelyI knew this family who attended our church in Almonte. I was a friend of Janice.

Allan StanleyPearl Dodds was my great aunt and remember she would babysit me at their other house they lived in on Elgin street. My great uncle Russell her husband, had his bed on the main floor, as of course, stairs would be a problem as a result of his war injuries.