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What’s Happening in Carleton Place? Irritated Taxpayers!

What’s Happening in Carleton Place? Irritated Taxpayers!

I try to stick to history and stay out of the fray unless royally pissed off, and I am getting there as no one seems to listen or work together. The upcoming Carleton Place municipal elections are coming up October 22, 2018 and from what I see on Facebook, elected officials should be concerned. Irritated folks everywhere. Should we dismiss these folks as hysterical? What defines a neighbourhood? Can solutions be found? There are three groups now concerned about things in our town. Are you aware of them?



Neighbours that are concerned about the adverse effects of the development of 50 Allan St. Four floors- 33 units Facebook page click here..


Pat Hines Reid We have sent our comments in…Allan street cannot handle the overflow of parking, the traffic, not to mention this monster towering over homes, so forget privacy, sunlight.

David Flegg Looks like a giant shoe box 


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Photo- South Shore Landing

Citizens Against 13 Storey Apt. beside RIVERSIDE PARK

Facebook page click here

Robyn Baxter=Speaking from a Lake Avenue West perspective, we cannot see how this street can safely support any more traffic than it does right now. The developments on the South side of Lake where they have started preparing for more development already seem like they would overwhelm this street, with it’s many staggered T-intersections, school bus and pedestrian traffic. Even the development of 3 or 4 story condominiums back by the river would tip the scales too far. We are also very concerned about the ecology of the river and green space in this treasured area.

Carleton Place council votes against South Shore Landing phase 4 tower


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CP H20 WATCH —Facebook page click here..

We are a group of Carleton Place residents, advocating for the protection and quality of our drinking water and it’s source – the Mississippi River in light of the Bodnar development at the end of Riverside Park, Phase 1 which is to begin in 2018..

Here is a map of the Bodnar site. Also, see link to another map as well – you can enlargen to see the key details showing the location (yellow dot) for the one and only intake source we have for Carleton Place’s water, the proposed Bodnar site is designated IPZ9. Contamination of our water is  a real possibility!!!


Phillip MacCallum Hopefully someone at Carleton Place is giving this a good read, 2003 regulations are definitely out of date.
CP H20 WATCH They certainly are Phillip. 52 conditions were set, but not enough is being done. It is on the agenda at the Lanark County Council meeting on Wednesday, April 25th. We will be there. 





Subdivision proposal causes concern for eco-minded Carleton Place residents


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If no one listens to your concerns after writing and calling your elected officials– here is my suggestion to you. When you go to that ‘all candidates’ meeting in the fall have a REAL good look at each NEW person running and find out what affiliations they have to former council. Take a very hard look at existing council. If you do not want 4 more years of the same make some changes and for the love of god stop voting for people who you know ‘ on a somewhat personal basis’ — that does not make a town run. My two cents. Vote for people that will make changes in this town. Rock the vote October 22.

Please note that due to changes to the Municipal Elections Act, the nomination period will begin on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 and will end on Friday, July 27, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. (formerly nominations closed the 2nd Friday in September). This is the period of time when the Clerk’s Office will accept nomination papers of those individuals wishing to run for the offices of Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillor, and School Board Trustee. Nomination packages will be available closer to this time period.