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My Old House — Part 2- Amy Thom

My Old House — Part 2- Amy Thom

Part 1- read here- Found in the Floors of my Summer Kitchen — Amy Thom

Something we did in the house that I think is pretty cool…we didn’t want to ruin the trim work on the stairs which would of been so much work when it was done, so we knocked all the plaster off of and out from between the lathe, I sanded it and stained it and then clear coated it- it was original hand split lathe, I can’t imagine the work that went into doing the entire house! So we opted to keep this little bit of history and show case it in the house.

When we pulled up SEVEN layers of flooring, they were levelled with newspapers, some of which was stuck to the original floor…and I couldn’t imagine sanding it off, so we left it and sealed it into the finish.None of the floors are level of smooth in the sense that they have wear marks from decades of walking on them, and I thought it was amazing to see. Same with the stairs. Wes’s dad , Bert actually attended Sunday school in the house at one point I think he said. And in the pile of cans and bottles there is some definite religious colouring books that back that up.

Super modern houses are nice too- but who am I to erase all that history? I just love that our house had a story before we ever were born, and now our family will add ours.

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