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Marie Philomène Irène Joly — Walked 35 Miles

Marie Philomène Irène Joly — Walked 35 Miles


Considerable excitement prevailed in Almonte, Monday night, when news spread that a young woman named Irene Joly of Wrightville, who was visiting her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Joly of Carleton Place, had disappeared from that town, early in the day, accompanied by her little cousins, Evelyn, five years and Joseph, 15 months.

It appeared that the young Wrightville woman, who is 22 years old, was wheeling the child in a baby carriage with the little girl trotting beside her when last seen in Carleton Place. When they did not return at noon the parents grew uneasy and communicated with the police. A search of the surrounding country failed to reveal the whereabouts of the waifs so the fire alarm was sounded in the neighboring town and a big search party was called. Seen In Almonte It was learned that an Almonte taxi driver had given the trio a lift into Almonte early in the afternoon, He did not know that they were lost and did not suspect anything amiss. They were later seen at the station, but there the trail ended.

Although search was given until the wanderers were located at the home of Hugh Kennedy of Huntley at eight o’clock a t night. They had been taken there by Ed. Kennedy, a brother, who found them near Appleton. A weird feature of the case is that the little girl must have walked 35 miles during the day and the children nearly perished with the cold. Carleton Place dispatches to city papers give no explanation of why the older woman started on her singular crusade.

From Jaan Kolk

The Ottawa Journal

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada30 Sep 1930, Tue  •  Page 13

Suffering from a mental affliction and believing she was going home, Irene Joly 22-year-old Hull girl, wandered more than 20 miles over the countryside here yesterday, wheeling a 15- monihs old cousin in a perambulator and leading a four-year-old cousin by the hand. All Carleton Place was in an uproar when the girl and children were missed yesterday morning.

They were found only last night after a search party of hundred joined by police authorities from this town. Almonte and other towns had combed the countryside for them. Irene Joly was staying at the homt of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Joly, of Carleton Place, and yesterday Jir. f-ine Evelyn. aged 4. and Irene was told to take them out on the street for a short distance only. When they were, eventually found the four-year-old child was exhausted from walking, and both she and the baby were blue in the face with cold and exposure.

The girl appeared to be none the worse for a tramp over miles of highway and country roads. They were located at the farm house of Hugh Kennedy at Huntley where they had been taken by a farmer. R. Stewart, who came across the trio near Appleton.

The parents of the children were immedtately communicated with and they, were told that the tots were none the worse for their experience. According to Chief of Poliee Brunette. Irene Joly had pushed the baby carriage almost 20 miles before the trio were located.

After searching along in creeks and under bridges they arrived in Almonte where they weewseen at the Almonte station about 2:30. After a thorough search of the town of Almonte, they proceeded down to search vacant houses and the woods along the road when a passerby on a motorcycle informed them that a party corresponding to the ones described had been seen on the 11th line of Ramsay .

From there they met the search parties from Carleton Place and the party again divided, some going towards Rosebank and others towards Blakeney and Corkery. Still following up clues they traced them to Hugh Kennedy’s home in Huntley where they found the children safe and sound receiving loving attention after a long travel in the cold and rain, Mr. Kennedy had picked the children up on the road about and, placing them in his auto, drove them to his from where he notified Chief Joseph Branett of Almonte. Mr. Joly was then advised that Chief Gordon Taber of Carieton Place, drove to the home of Mr. Kennedy and returned the weary wanderers to their home and mother, who was overjoyed at their safe return. Chief Irvine, with Constable McGregor and Kid Bryce, had covered 34 miles of road, searching carefully along the route.

Marie Philomène Irène Joly

Name:Mary Joly
Racial or Tribal Origin:French
Marital Status:Single
Birth Year:abt 1910
Birth Place:Ontario
Residence Date:1 Jun 1921
House Number:11
Residence Street or Township:1021 Wellington St
Residence City, Town or Village:Dalhousie Ward Ottawa
Residence District:Carleton
Residence Province or Territory:Ontario
Residence Country:Canada
Relation to Head of House:Daughter
Father’s Name:Wilfred Joly
Father Birth Place:Ontario
Mother’s Name:Mary Joly
Mother Birth Place:Quebec
Can Speak English?:Yes
Can Speak French?:Yes
Religion:Roman Catholic
Can Read?:Yes
Can Write?:Yes
Months at School:9
Enumeration District:71
Sub-District:Ottawa (City)
Sub-District Number:48
Enumerator:W. J. Spence
District Description:Victoria Ward (Part) – Polling Division No. 9 – Comprising all that part of Victoria Ward bounded as follows: On the north by Ladouceur and O’Mears Avenues; on the south by Wellington St., on the east by the C.P.R. property, and on the west by Finhey street
Neighbours:View others on page
Line Number:37
Family Number:11

Household MembersAgeRelationshipWilfred Joly50HeadMary Joly46WifeJoseph Joly25SonValeda Joly24DaughterHarvey Joly17SonEdmond Joly14SonMary Joly11DaughterAlice Joly10DaughterRita Joly8Daughter
Name:Marie Philomene Irene Joly
Event Type:Baptism
Baptism Year:1901-1968
Baptism Place:Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Place of Worship or Institution:Ste Famile

CLIPPED FROMThe Ottawa CitizenOttawa, Ontario, Canada30 Sep 1930, Tue  •  Page 13

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