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Crikeys! The Elves Have Been Busy in Carleton Place


Have you seen the newest addition to Ralph Shaw’s sign by the old clay pits where the Carleton Place alligator Digger used to hang out? It is kind of a temporary “2015 addition” in homage to Digger on the corner of Francis and Lake Ave East. As you know the old original alligator sign is safe and hanging in the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum.


Of course I am ”outta control” as some say, but I sure would love to see that small piece of corner become homage to our legend, not only for us, but for the tourists that come to town. Another item on my bucket list — if you saw my Market Square idea yesterday. But, since new neighbours will be movin’ in soon into the new development, I could see a tiny park on that corner with chess boards on top of those tree stumps and a bench and maybe a permanent sign or something to Digger. Wouldn’t it also be nice if Birgil would have the old Brickyards, or something to that effect mentioned in the names of those new buildings?


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Thanks to Ralph Shaw for his sense of humour and to 53 Colours for indulging me again.


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