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The Devil Went Down to the PUMPKINFERNO!

The Devil Went Down to the PUMPKINFERNO!



So what do you think? I was taking pictures at night while waiting in line to get to Pumpkin Inferno and this appeared in my photo! Unedited. Most likely just a light reflection, but because it has a shape I really wondered about it! It is Halloween! Tammy Jordan photo


The Climax of Action at Crysler’s Farm by Adam Sherriff-Scotts

I would call the area next to Upper Canada Village called Chrysler Farm a sacred site. “The dismantling of the St. Lawrence Campaign during the War of 1812 was a two-step process. The first part was the Battle of Châteauguay in Lower Canada. The second part and the subject of today’s post was Crysler’s Farm. On November 11, 1813, John Crysler’s farming fields became the site of the decisive battle that marked the end of the attempt to capture Montreal.

The two sides met on a Crysler’s fields on the morning of November 11th. Since Morrison had picked the battleground, he was able to choose better positions for his men. To even get to the battlefield, the American troops were forced to make their way through two large ravines. Then they had to cross the actual field itself, which was muddy due to early morning rain and it was littered with split-rail fences”. The Battle of Cryslers Farm

The battlefield is a sacred place that few ventured near in days gone by. Medicine Men were known to sleep by them fasting for a long time until an evil creature came out so they could cast it out. I think the aboriginal people had it right, as if you think carefully to wars past, almost all were started by someone evil.

Near Crysler Farm it was said that a 3 month old baby was picked up by one of the soldiers as she was strapped to the back of her dead Mother. That soldier adopted the wee child fearing for her welfare and reared it as his very own.

Although the child never remembered what happened to her she inherited a notable trait– afraid of her own shadow. To those who have studied aboriginal culture this is an odd thing as most natives regard shadows as the ghost of another person. The aboriginals are obliged to respect nature, rocks, deer and the sun and the moon and so on. They say each of them carry a multitude of ghosts on either side of them in tribute. None the less spirits of any kind are very real to them. Every native has its ghost or devil place which are haunted localities. One of them seems to be the area Tammy Jordan took the above photograph.

That a malicious spirit or a form of the devil lives in this area is indisputable because practically every member of that aboriginal band that lived nearby had seen it. Stories were told that they used to go in number, hold hands and chanted while they waited for him to appear. From my point of view the red thing seen in the photograph has a tangible shell which contained a potency of some type of spirit. It was a definite malevolent spirit that goes flying about.

In the Indian mythology nearly every ghost seen near a battlefield is descended from from an ancestral giant of ferocious and dangerous attributes which was finally killed by some tribal heroe. As that little native girl that was adopted after the Crysler Farm war would learn years later, you just can’t run from the shadows– but you can invite it to dance. Like Tammy Jordan did taking photos.



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The Devil You Say in Carleton Place? Updates!

The Devil You Say in Carleton Place? Updates!


In 2011 the archdiocese of Ottawa, which has one official exorcist on hand,  reported seeing an average of four major exorcisms per year over the past five years. A Quebec Catholic priest said in 2010 that he has performed roughly a dozen exorcisms since he was ordained nearly five years ago.

Indeed, exorcisms have been carried out in Canada for generations — albeit quietly, and in relatively small numbers as compared to countries such as Italy, where the belief in demons is more widespread. In Canada the church has a handful of official exorcists, and additional priests whose role it is to investigate cases of alleged demonic activity as reported by the public. Of course we all remember the film The Exorcist. The day after the film debut all hell broke loose with local Catholic priests telling their congregation that the film would nauseate you and violate many of your religious sensibilities.

In March of 1903 a shocking affair occurred in Carleton Place at about 4 pm in the afternoon. Nelson McWilliams was stabbed in the right lung by his step-father Alden Mathers at the house of the latter on the north end of town. It seems the younger man who was *married to Ida Amanda Coleman also of Carleton Place was extremely worried about his mother. As he lived close to his stepfather had gone over to see his mother who was quite ill. He believed the evil had control of her and insisted she summon the good Baptist Reverend- Reverend Hagen to help her.

Mrs. Mathers and her son then had a quarrel in which her husband, who was between 70 and 75 years of age, obtained possession of a knife and inserted a dangerous wound in McWilliams chest. Drs. McIntosh and Muirhead were in attendance and did not express a favourable opinion as to the probability of the young mans recovery. Mathers, was immediately put in custody. No word, (no matter how hard I looked today) what the outcome of the two gentleman was, or if Mrs. Mather eventually went all Linda Blair in Carleton Place.  But, I did find in some genealogy records that  Nelson McWilliams did have a child with Ida Amanda Coleman before the incident, and Bertha Jane was barely 4 when this event took place. The Catholic church continues to recognize the possibility of diabolical intervention in lives, but insists the evil is primarily personal.


Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum Linda Seccaspina look what we found in a recently donated police constable’s book! Actual receipt for the police services for the matter–March 1903

Arrest of Mather Alden A Mather Murder

Served Summons

Ateending Justice

Mileage to Perth Gaol ( jail)

Car fare

25 meals at 20 cents


*May 1895– Perth Courier

McWilliams-Coleman—Married, on May 15, at the Baptist Manse, Almonte, by Rev. R. Hagen, Mr. Nelson McWilliams, to Miss Ida Amanda Coleman both of Carleton Place.

Nelson Mcwilliams

mentioned in the record of Bertha Jane Mcwilliams
Name Nelson Mcwilliams
Gender Male
Wife Ida Amanda Coleman
Daughter Bertha Jane Mcwilliams
Other information in the record of Bertha Jane Mcwilliams
from Ontario Births
Name Bertha Jane Mcwilliams
Event Type Birth
Event Date 23 Jul 1899
Event Place Carleton Place, Lanark, Ontario, Canada
Gender Female


 - ALDEN MATHERS GOES FOR TRIAL Bs is Committed at...

Clipped from

  1. The Ottawa Journal,
  2. 31 Mar 1903, Tue,
  3. Page 1

There was no other word what happened no matter how hard I searched.:)

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place and The Tales of Almonte


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