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Christmas in Carleton Place House Tour 2018 –Homes

Christmas in Carleton Place House Tour 2018 –Homes

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House Number 1256 Islandview Drive Drummond- North Elmsley

Situated on beautiful Mississippi Lake, this gorgeous 5,000 square foot home will
welcome you with open arms.

This Icelandic family purchased their scenic lot 15 years ago in the summer of 2003. At
last, this was the perfect view that they were searching for. They demolished the existing home in 2005. Planning for a large family, they then built their dream home in its place.

Although quite large in scope, they wanted the streets cape to be unassuming. The owners designed most of their home themselves and the gentleman of the house was involved in every aspect of the build. Their favourite place to enjoy this bit of paradise is on the waterfront deck watching the sun come up!

For this family, the Christmas season begins shortly after Halloween and continues onward. You’ll be greeted by their favourite ornaments flanking the front door adorned with a beautiful wreath. Inside, there are multiple trees, garlands and collected artifacts that are quite dear to the lady of the house. Christmas Eve is a special day for this family and is celebrated with a huge meal followed by gifts and storytelling. The feast continues on Christmas Day, including family and friends. Boxing Day however is a quiet family day, including board games and more ongoing feasts. If the lake should be frozen during the tour, you will find a rink complete with floodlights and outdoor speakers setting the mood for how close and full of life this family truly is!


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House Number  2 -15 Terry Fox Drive

Reminiscent of a seaside cottage, this lovely home welcomes visitors with such a
comfortable wave of decor, as if they were on vacation!

A remodelled kitchen, new flooring, furniture and of course decor are executed flawlessly in this adorable home. The homeowners love of the sea and all things nautical are evident in each and every room. The lady of the house began her love affair with Christmas and all its joy, when she was just a small child. Growing up in a household steeped in Christmas tradition, with real trees, homemade ornaments and the spirit of Christmas giving, it’s no wonder she has carried on and added to these cherished memories with her own family. As much as the holiday decor is soothing and subtle in tones of blues, greens and silver, the family tree, proudly displayed in the living room, must be real with its intoxicating woodsy scent.

Adorned with multicoloured lights and vibrant pops of colour, it’s lovingly decorated with sentimental family ornaments including the special creations by her children. And as she as a child once did, the tradition continues…hot chocolate while watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. With twelve trees, designer elements and whimsy you will instantly be welcomed with the feeling of home away from home! So come and share what Christmas means to this young energetic family, you will definitely leave with a smile on your face and a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart!


House Number 331 Nelson Street West

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Apparently tour goers can’t seem to get enough of this Christmas House! Welcome back!

A miniature sleigh overflowing with heavenly scented boughs, sits perched next to the front door, which is draped in garlands and beckons guests to enter this Christmas wonderland. This house may not be heritage, but this open concept bungalow is definitely not lacking in charm. It is steeped in tradition, especially during the Yule Tide.

There are 26 themed and decorated trees, the favourite being the one in the window, which cradles over 650 ornaments –none more precious or spectacular than the ones lovingly handcrafted by the homeowner’s children and grandchildren.

Traditions – the real tree this family has always had – a spruce named “Bruce”, because nothing smells quite so right as the real thing. Christmas for this house is about family,
friends and togetherness, and its spirit never quite leaves…even when the decorations come down.

Looking for unique and tasteful gift ideas? We welcome you to do a little Christmas shopping at this featured home! The Carleton Place Hospital Gift Shoppe, run by the Auxiliary, will be showcasing their beautiful gifts and Christmas decor. This sale will run the full duration of the tour. Enjoy!


House Number 4 110 Lake Ave East


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This beautiful brown brick Victorian was built in 1885 by a master stone mason named William Willoughby. He also built several area churches, school houses and the original Carleton Place Town Hall.

Almost 130 years later, the current homeowners purchased this home and in only four short years lovingly restored her into what you see today. They began by rejoining what was once separate units, back into a single family home. Both units were reconnected through the kitchen. A family room was created in the back of the home with the addition of a powder room and closet. The master bedroom was tackled next by adding a master closest and renovating the ensuite. The lady of the house has quite the eye and flair for decor. With pops of colour, she has worked her magic throughout this lovely Victorian. An accomplished artist, with a passion for all things whimsical, the stairway will delight you as it leads you to the second floor. This talented woman inherited her Christmas spirit from her Nanny, which she encapsulates with her creativity and flair for design. Eight trees of various sizes adorn this Christmas house. The entire family loves Christmas. They love the decorations, spending time with family and friends, and they love their annual tradition of watching Christmas classics like Home Alone and Die Hard. Where’s the popcorn?!



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House Number 5 90 Lake Ave East

This beautiful brick Victorian,featuring a prominent turret on its North East corner, was
lovingly built by Alfred and Maggie McNeely in 1890.

Alfred was a draftsman at the W.A. Nichols Planning Mill, which once held shop at the corner of Lake Avenue and Bridge Street – now occupied by Dominos Pizza. Following Alfred’s death, the Bracewell family lived here for many years. Over the years, this home morphed into several apartments, before it was restored back to a single family home. The servants staircase to the kitchen has since been closed and currently houses a full sized pantry and an upstairs laundry.

Purchased only two years ago, the current homeowners were drawn to the beautiful brick and unique details of this gorgeous home. They loved the high ceilings, pocket doors, transoms, and happy creaky hardwood floors! They loved how the main floor family room still had its original beams, from when it was once the horse stable! And wait until you see the o’h so unique staircase! Future plans include a mud room by the kitchen door and possibly replacing the missing ball that once crowned the turret.

The attic master bedroom, with full ensuite is also quite unique! It comes complete with an elevated reading nook full of comfy pillows, or perhaps a stage for the children to put on a mini play if so desired! Perhaps a Christmas play? This happy family loves Christmas! They love spending time with their large family, eating and decorating. They always have at least two trees, a large one in the main living room and another in the family room, full of homemade treasures by the children. Their chimney is sealed, in case you were wondering, Santa uses a magic key to come in through the front door!



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House Number 6 337 Moffatt Street


Back by popular demand, welcome once again to 337 Moffatt Street!
This Victorian brick home was originally sold for $100.00 back in 1868
and still maintains most of its original glory with a few modern

The current homeowners have lived in this beautiful home for the past
20 years. They were gifted the homes historical records from Town Hall by friends when they purchased the home in 1997. At one point in history, the home was a car dealership! The homeowners have added extensive gardens in the front and backyard, which can be viewed and enjoyed from the kitchen, which was an add on several years ago. These owners are antique collectors, obvious in the decor which includes primitive antiques and original paintings. The high ceilings of this home allow the homeowners to showcase many themed Christmas trees. They often have upwards of 15 trees,including a ten footer displayed in the dining room! Simple Christmas decor, bringing back memories of what might have been enjoyed when the house was first built is how these homeowners enjoy decorating, with a few more modern surprises too! Cheers!

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House Number 7 904 Quarry Rd

Welcome to the Manse of the First Reform Presbyterian Church. Situated on 26 acres of both mixed hayfield and wooded lot, this beautiful circa 1842 stone Manse was the
home of Pastor James McLachlan.

The homeowners fell in love with this stone beauty 27 years ago. They built the
current summer kitchen on the footprint of the old one. A large addition was added 23 years ago. This architecture is referred to as a story and a half centre hall design and is
built from local limestone. The stonework on the front of the home is regular coursing, however the sides and back of the home are in a classic rubble style. Although the windows and side entryway are modern materials, the look maintains the
symmetrical 3 bay design.

The central entrance still highlights the doorway with sidelights and elliptical transom. A built in cupboard and the stairway newel post are reputed to be the handy work of Pastor McLachlan himself. Retaining most of it’s 19th century character, the land continues to be farmed. The original log barn, outbuildings and the board and batten
structures still survive. Christmas brings magic to this beauty.

Multiple trees, garlands and treasures of Christmases past are reminders of cherished moments with family. Being a well traveled couple, the cherished decorations run from themed to traditional and these homeowners can’t wait to share their passion for Christmas with you!



Looking for unique and tasteful gift ideas? We welcome you to do a little Christmas shopping at this featured home! The Carleton Place Hospital Gift Shoppe, run by the Auxiliary, will be showcasing their beautiful gifts and Christmas decor. This sale will run the full duration of the tour. Enjoy! Only at 31 Nelson Street home of Jane and Steve Tunks!

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Sponsors and where you can get your tickets! Christmas in Carleton Place House Tour 2018– Tickets available beginning October 30th!

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Canadian Tire

The Thirsty Moose
Rental Village
Nephin Winter, Bingley
Royal LePage 
Century 21
C.P. Tire
Burns Jewellers 
MCP Printing 
Carleton Refrigeration 
Dentistry @ Carleton Place 

Carleton Place Nursery 
The New Oak Tree
IDA- Carleton Place Drug Mart Inc.
Collins Barrow WCM LLP
Capital Dedicated Logistics Inc.
Sinders Bridal House
Alex Ferguson Law
HI – QA Inc.

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Great prizes on this years Christmas in Carleton Place House Tour 2018! “Every year, generous homeowners from the Carleton Place area loan their houses to benefit The Carleton Place Hospital Foundation. Home owners transform their homes to showcase stunning holiday décor and entertainment ideas. This year is no exception, and this wonderful event, December 1st and 2nd, is returning for it’s 7th consecutive year. In the past 6 years, our tour has helped raise much needed funding towards the purchase of patient care equipment. December 1st and 2nd come enjoy the magic of Carleton Place and support The Carleton Place Hospital Foundation. Tickets go on sale October 30-
-Contact info – Jane Tunks 613-257-9717 and

More Memories of The Beckwith McTavish House

More Memories of The Beckwith McTavish House


Thanks goes to all of you who comment and send me great stories. Keep on sending them. This is from Jennifer Butler.


Hi Linda:
David Butler and I purchased the McTavish house in 1973 from Don and Dot Miller. David passed away in February 1986, The photo shows his mother, Winifred, when she was visiting from England, with our son Martin. At the time of his death I had Martin 15, Adam 14 and Stephanie 12. I stayed on at the farm till 1993 and then sold it to a Gomez family. They lived there approx. 2 years and then sold it to the current owner and his late wife.
The medallion in the living room shows a beaver and as far as I know it is still there. (Author’s note– the current owner has advised me it is still there!!) The front room, parlour, has hand painted thistles in each of four corners and a plaster medallion in the centre. I held a large plate around the thistles so the ceiling could be painted without destroying the outer lines of the thistles and I hope they too are still there. Also inside the house the ceiling over the stairs had been lowered and the banister rail removed and all boxed in. From a house on Waverley Avenue in Ottawa I was able to purchase a similar railing so we could open the whole thing up again. The upstairs has a beautifully built curved wall which is typical I think in some of the stone homes of this era. I wonder if it was the same builder. We replaced the old wood windows and it seems to me there were 23. When they were measured and delivered they were all identical in size so fit any window in the house!!!
There was a summer kitchen on the back of the house but it wasn’t in good shape and the end was taken off and a large garage door replaced it. We took down the structure and built a new one with a basement. In hindsight I would have left the original structure there and in some fashion rebuilt the end portion which faced south. My husband felt we needed a modern basement. The original log barns unfortunately burned in January 1986 and I had the loafing barn built in the summer of 1986. The Gomez family built a horse ring. I hope this is of interest.
Jennifer Butler

Thank you card



Information where you can buy all Linda Seccaspina’s books-You can also read Linda in The Townships Sun andScreamin’ Mamas (USA)

Come and visit the Lanark County Genealogical Society Facebook page– what’s there? Cool old photos–and lots of things interesting to read. Also check out The Tales of Carleton Place.



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The She Sheds are Back in Town..


It’s been said that sheds are the answer to men’s ailments. But why should men have all the sheds? Every woman deserves a shed of her own — somewhere to retreat for some solitude, to create or grow, to write or paint, or just to enjoy the view– and they are back in Carleton Place!



Taking a vacation is as easy as a trip to the backyard with these beautiful mini-getaways. This shed above can become this below!



With a back door for hubby.


Exit stage right…


It’s official: The “she shed” trend is here to stay. More and more ladies are staking claim to backyard sheds as a spot to call their own, whether it be for gardening or just somewhere to curl up with a good book. This can become this:



or this…



Get your sheds here for your lovely ladies here at Valley Sheds in Carleton Place!

Beautiful work at very reasonable prices . You can see them on Hwy. 7,  just beside the Gourmet Restaurant. All Canadian made by Mennonites. They don’t require permits, delivered to your yard just like this, ready to use .

10511 HWY #7 Carleton Place Ont.
beside the Gourmet


**NB- Linda is not related to anyone at Valley Sheds–nor is she getting cold hard cash for this. She just thinks these sheds are cool.