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The Warning of Death by a Local Farm Hand

The Warning of Death by a Local Farm Hand


There are various kinds of “ghost” stories. Some take the form of presentiments, warnings, etc. Here Is a strange story of a “warning” as told by Mr. Wm. Flood. About 40 or 45 years ago a man named Lamourie worked for Mr. Flood as a farm hand.

One day Mr. Lamourie said to Mr. Flood, “I am going to hear of the death of a dear friend or relative soon.” “Why do you say that?” Mr. Flood asked. “Well,” the other replied, “today I saw a load of hay moving across your lower field without any horses attached to it. In fact there was no load of hay there to move. What I saw was a ‘warning’.”

Mr. Flood tried to tell the man that it was a case of hallucination, but could not convince him. “I saw it with my own proper eyes,” he said. Three days later Mr. Lamourie came to Mr. Flood and said, “So and so (a close friend) died today. I told you it was a ‘warning that I had.” Mr. Flood did not reply. A reply would have been useless.




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