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High Steppers Dance 1900

High Steppers Dance 1900

Photo from Jaimeson/ Caldwell–Remember When? Jamiesons — Now and Then-Caldwell Jamieson Dunlop Reunion – Part 5

 High steppers were considered a contemporary precision dance and drill troupe – performing dance steps, military drill maneuvers, marching steps and choreographed street dance to percussion accompaniment. I could not find anything pertaining these high steppers from Carleton Place but I did find this mention of ‘steppers’ in the Lanark Era.

The Lanark Era
Lanark, Ontario, Canada
02 Apr 1919, Wed  •  Page 1

Never Miss a Chance to Dance!

No one in this world wanted to take over tap dancer Ann Miller’s job more than I did. After 70 long years of random attempts, all that remains is a pair of silver tap shoes tucked away in a cupboard long forgotten. I used to wear them on a day to day basis for many years as I always believed one should be on call if someone had the odd tap dancing job. In life I have always winged it: life, eyeliner, just everything.

As a child my mother told my father that I had natural rhythm and would probably belong to a professional dance troupe. Actually, what she really wanted me to be was one of the dancers on American Bandstand, but I had other goals in mind. When I was eight I wanted to fluff out my tutu and be the Sugar Plum Fairy so badly that I accidentally bumped the reigning fairy off the stage during practice. Seeing the stage was a foot off the ground, she was luckily not hurt, and I was to remain a Waltzing Flower forever.

At 17 I had my first “break”. I became one of the regular “crowd” dancers on a Montreal based TV show called “Like Young”. Every Saturday afternoon I lined up outside CFCF-TV sporting my grandmother’s orthopedic brown lace up shoes, ready to dance. Those borrowed shoes were just super for dancing and they looked fabulous with my floor dusting Le Chateau gabardine pants. I was nothing but double-trouble on the dance floor. Read the rest here..

Cruisin Through the Dance Halls- From Carleton Place and Beyond!! Larry Clark

More on Grandma Majaury — Mother Bread Maker Midwife and Step Dancer

Looking for Info on The Happy Wanderers etc.

Looking for Info on The Happy Wanderers etc.
may 1958

Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum photo– CFRA dance from the 70s..Thursday’s Blast from the Past photo
The Hayshakers — Charlie Finner

read–The Hayshakers — Charlie Finner click

In spite of rain, 600 persons attended the dance sponsored by the N.L.A.S. In their hall on the fair grounds On Saturday night. The music was supplied by the C.F.R.A. Happy Wanderers starring Bob King,! and Ward Allan. Dances will continue each Saturday night with Almonte Hayshakers supplying the music.

I was reminded of days like this when we would be listening to Rough Rider football on CFRA with Ernie Calcutt. Frank Ryan who owned CFRA was a son of Almonte. Given CFRA’s connection to the valley-remember the Happy Wanderers and Frank Ryan’s farm reports?- I thought Frank Ryan deserved a mention–Lou Chapman

I met Tom Gardiner, at a place outside of town He dropped by, to help me make some sounds Said; you’re the hotshot, who thinks he can play & sing I don’t have time for talking, just make those darn strings ring.–Lyle Dillabough

I was reminded of days like this when we would be listening to Rough Rider football on CFRA with Ernie Calcutt. Frank Ryan who owned CFRA was a son of Almonte. Given CFRA’s connection to the valley-remember the Happy Wanderers and Frank Ryan’s farm reports?-

Larry Delaney
February 18  · 

The Happy Wanderers were among the Ottawa Valley’s earliest country & western groups — popular on CFRA radio, and as a showband performing at various venues throughout the Ottawa and Western Quebec regions.
There were several different personnel changes during the group’s existence…this is believed to be the first lineup (check next post for a different configuration).
Pictured here (front L/R) Vince Lebeau, Bob King, Ken Davidson, (back L/R) Ward Allen, Joe Brown, Ken Reynolds).
(Photo Courtesy: Larry Delaney Photo Archives)
Victoria Edwards
November 4, 2014  · 

CFRA AM The Happy Wanderers mid 1950s Ottawa http://www.broadcasting-history.ca/index3.html

Bob Bethell
June 20, 2020  · 

Cfra…and the happy wanderers !!!!….
Hannah Brown Photography

Thanks to Lorraine Reynolds Patoine for sending..
Perth Remembered
February 1, 2016 ·
Dave White shared the photo on the top of his Uncle Les Nield’s band “The Stardusters”. This was a very popular horn band in the area through the 40’s and early 50’s. They played the swing tunes of the day, but would also play square dances. In the picture, in back, is drummer, Buck Emerson. In front, left to right, Jim White, (Dave’s Dad) guitar singer and caller, Les Nield, saxophone and violin, Ab Duncan, saxophone, and Les Bostian, piano. The Orchestra played at many venues all over the region and were a staple at the many events and dances held at the Perth Town Hall.
I found this ad from in the Perth Courier, November 1943. Also an article in 1945 that tells of the Firemen’s Assembly that was held at Perth Town Hall which was an annual event and greatly enjoyed by large numbers of town and district folks approximately 300 couples totaling 600 “tripped the light fantastic” to the always popular music of the Stardusters’ Orchestra with Mr. James White of Innisville, master of ceremonies and “caller-off”. DB

Don White
March 18  · 

Left to right: Don White, Ray Hynes, Ed White, Merle Smith, Scotty Ferguson

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What is “Mom Dancing”? I looked it up everywhere and couldn’t find any sort of definition. My oldest son’s comment about my dancing?

“Mom, the 80s are dead!”

So why am I posting these? Because even though the 50s-90s are gone mom is still dancing like nobody’s watching.:)





The KOFY San Francisco Dance Party that still goes on every week and I miss… sigh.. yes this is 2015!!!

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