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Does Anyone Know This Wee Girl? The Gift of Crystals

Does Anyone Know This Wee Girl?  The Gift of Crystals

A few weeks ago while waiting in line at Shoppers Drug Mart, a mother (I assume) and young girl were ahead of me. The little girl was talking about all of her “crystals” and she had a pocket full of them. Her mother asked her to ask me if I would like one. She was adorable and gave me the ones in the photo above. Me, being me, told her that I would plant them in the woods where all the magical fairies live.

I would love for them both to find out how much I need that! It was a bad day, and it made me feel so much better. And, if there is any chance I’d love to mail a letter from the fairies to her, thanking her!

Here’s hoping!

Jenna Rattray

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