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People of our Town — Fred Cronin


Thelma SavardRemember Freddie rosary and marjorie his son used to visit him every night cookies in the lounge and tea rosalyn

Gail YuillThelma Savard I remember Fred too and his sons name was also Fred.

Cyndii Hitchins Demersi was working that day, also the mayor came over with a medal i think it was….for him..

Rosalyn WingThelma Savard yes I remember him well . He was a funny man.

Judy Reid HamreI remember Fred from when I worked as a server in the dining room – such a flirt! Lol

Sharon SavardRemember when they had his 100th Birthday Party 🥳🎉

Marjorie GawHe was truly unforgetable. There was old Freddy and young Freddy…thinking about chewing tobacco. 🥰 as a sideline to this story… my Grandfather chewed tobacco.

Sandra HoustonThey used to live across the road from me at one time, many years ago

Nora HeadleyHis daughter was Reva Herrick, who was married to my mother’s cousin.

Anne HouriganDid he used to ride a bike around town

Sandra HoustonAnne Hourigan that was young Freddie….chewed tobacco too

Freddie Jr.

The Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada21 Sep 1993, Tue  •  Page 59

Frederick Jerome Cronin Sr
Birth Date:
9 Apr 1880
Death Date:
4 Nov 1982
Saint Marys Roman Catholic Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place:
Almonte, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

Margaret Ann Cronin
Frederick Jerome Cronin
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
21 Jun 1946, Fri  •  Page 23
The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
27 Jun 1951, Wed  •  Page 20