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The Mysterious Picture

The Mysterious Picture



Mr. George Evans does not smile, nor does Miss Mary Evans, because they had an experience in 1924 which has made them ready to believe that equally strange things happen.

Miss Katy Evans, aged 24, died in her father’s home from tuberculosis. Just ten minutes before her death strange thing happened. Miss Mary Evans, the sister, was a witness of the queer occurrence. At 12:45 noon Miss Evans was sitting in the room chatting with her sick sister; who seemed cheerful, but weak. Suddenly a large religious framed picture which hung on the wall of the room fell with a crash.

Miss Evan Investigated. To her surprise the found the wire unbroken and the hook  still in the wall. But stranger still, she found the loops in the wire where they had been around the hook, still circular in shape, giving the impression that some hand had lifted the picture off the hook without disturbing the wire in any way.

Ten minutes later the sick girl took a sudden turn for the worst and  passed.  Neighbours who were called in when the girl died, saw the broken glass and the condition of the hock and wire. They wondered. Miss Evans says she is not superstitious, but can find no explanation – for the falling of the picture.

The picture with a new glass was re-hung in the room of the dead sister. Miss Evans says that ever since the peculiar occurrence, both she and her father asks: was the falling of the picture a “warning”?


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