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I just Wanted Someone to Love Me- 1868



Almonte Gazette October 1868–The Almonte Gazette archive

A local poet sends us the following  verses for publication…


Someone to love me; the world is so dreary;

Lonely and sad I am wandering hours, looking in vain at the faces to meet

To see one that I in affection may greet.

Some one to love me, who’ll ever be true,

Even though the clouds hide the sunshine from view ;

Some one around whom my sad heart may twine, and cling like ivy surrounding the pine.

Some one to love me and for me to care.

In whose affections and love I may share;

Some one to listen to the sound of my feet, and who in glad welcome my presence will greet.

Some one to love me, from all to protect— In this lone pathway my steps to direct;

Some one to love from a heart that is pure ,

Who’ll ever be faithful while life shall endure.


A few weeks later a response was in the editorial section


Local Poet Receives His Just Due

Sir. — There was a time when your addresses would have flattered and pleased me, but that time has long since passed away. Your conduct during the last two years has been made known to me, and, viewing you in the light of a dangerous man, I do not desire anymore intimate acquaintance. I could not reasonably expect happiness from a union with an individual who has destroyed the mental quiet of more than one young person.


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