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People from Our Town — Courtney Zieman

Willow VokeyThis T-Rex works at CP Terrace… brings such smiles to the residents. Xoxo

Margaret EdwardsI can aimagine how happy that child was to stroll with this creature. What fun!

Elizabeth TaylorAnd proud to say she is a part of our wonderful team at Carleton Place Carleton Place Terrace

Laurissa AnneSaw that this morning! My son loved it! He was like “omg mom! It’s a dinosaur!” Absolutely made his day!

Courtney is one of the good people of Carleton Place and she loves to make people smile. She works at the Carleton Place Terrace and the seniors enjoy her costumes and especially her. She is one of the folks that has a wonderful way to show us really what matters. Thank you Courtney!

So why were you photographed walking down the street with your dinosaur costumes? We would love to know.

My daughter was bored and restless because of the lock down. I put it on to play outside and she wanted to go for a walk. People started honking she was so happy and I have another costume on order so we can do it again. At work (Carleton Place Terrace) the residents are depressed missing their family’s so I thought it would make then smile. Whether they were laughing at me or with me they were happy. 


 They always ask me what I’ll be next! Liz and I organized a dance flash mob for nurses week for the residence in the dining room I have more pictures of you interested …. keep a eye out Alexis and I will be walking around soon with a new costume making people smile. In a time like this is important mental health sometimes needs a little extra help hope that helps.

Thank you Courtney!!!

Have you Met Angel?