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Unemployed? Here is one Tough Cookie



I  have always admired people that take their lives into their own hands and do something about it. Just like Cookie. Who is Cookie? That would be the gentleman above. Several days a week I have seen this guy with a sign in hand, standing on the side of the road on the Oakland, Berkeley border. Yes, standing in the sun for hours on end; hawking his delicious burritos.


His real name is Corey Stowe, and he and his wife Elizabeth August are working their butts off to make a dime. You see, Corey worked in construction for years, and then got hurt. He had to decide what to do, and they came up with this  fabulous idea. So while he is out there selling his wares from his food cart, his wife is on Twitter and Facebook telling people where he is located.


Their food cart is called Guerrilla Grub and their motto is to satisfy the people on the streets of Oakland, one breakfast burrito at a time. He sells foil-wrapped $3 breakfast burritos mostly at the MacArthur Bart station. Plus, he is as genuine as they come, and does everything with a smile. That says a lot to me. He likes what he does, even if it is a real hard job. He knows this is his shot and he is going for the gold.


I understand it takes money to start a small business, but sometimes it can be started with just a small amount- but yes a whole lot of commitment and hard work is needed. And of course, a good idea.

Money isn’t the answer to the problems, it helps keep us fed, clothed, and a  roof over our heads. Yes, it’s a necessity for those things, but it  doesn’t provide us with happiness.”
People like Cookie and his wife have the right idea.  Jobs are scare. It is time to go out and create our own.

It’s to be tough to be a cowboy these days riding a difficult range, but in Cookie’s case, he is riding one heck of a delicious burrito.