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Justice of the Peace Convictions for the County of Lanark–Dec. 13, 1898-Who Do You Know?




Perth Courier, January 13, 1899

Return of Convictions for the Period Ending Dec. 13, 1898

Petty Trespass

George McGrath, fined $2.00

Napoleon Breard, fined $1.00

Damage to Property:

Alexander White, fined $4


William Curran, sent to gaol

Thomas Johnston, 15 days in gaol

George Smith, 20 days in gaol

James O’Keefe, $2.00 fine

Elizabeth Mitchell, William Smith, Samuel Snider, Thomas James Prior, Robert McCoy, Archibald McNeill, John Garwood, John Fisher and Henry Plinston, each six months in gaol

Martin Sullivan, three months in gaol

Furious Driving on the Street:

Albert Leaway and William King, fined $2.00

Disorderly Conduct:

William Nicholson, fined $3

Eph. Little, Wesley Hick, Miner Sadler, fined $2.00 each

Ernest Holmes and John Steacy, fined $1.00 each


Bernard Trainor, charged by Ellen Trainor, $2.00 plus costs

Arthur Gatfield and John Houston, charged by James Prisley, fined $1.00 each

Charles Maloney, charged by John McArton, Jr. for Mary McArton, fined 44

Robert Armstrong and William O’Meara, charged by A. Bertrand, fined $5 and $1 respectively

J.J. Ennis, charged by R.A. Campbell, fined $1


Sarah Trainor, sent to gaol

Neglect to Turn Out on Highway

Thomas Chapman, fined $3

Allowing In Bar

Peter P. Salter, fined $20

Carrying a Pistol

J.D. Colvin, fined $5

Carrying a Revolver

W.J. Price, fined $10

Drunk and Disorderly:

  1. Gleason, fined $3

Martin Conlin, fined $5

Keeping Bar Open

  1. Grace, $20

Selling Liquor After Hours

George O’Brien, fined $20

Breach of Cattle Bylaws

Andrew Armour fined $2

William Bennett, fined $1

Abusive Language

Hudson Payne, fined $1, charged by Jno Larkins

Mrs. A. Nolan, fined $1, charged by George Herrington


  1. Brown, $2

Martin Conlin, $5

Infraction of License Law

E.(?) Lambert, $20

Deteriorating Milk

Michael Curtis, $30

James Roger, $40

Cow at Large

John Daughan, Edward James, Edward Bygrove, each fined $1

Frank Hourigan and William Zelden, each $5


John G. Henly, charged by J. Flett, committed for trial

Albert Quinn, charged by Michael Lappin, committed for trial

Buying Goods On Market before Hours

Thomas Clark, Mr. Bissonette, A. McLean, each fined $2

Cattle at Large:

A Stephens, $1

William Zeldon and J. Bothwell, $5 each

Horses at Large:

Hy. Crate, $5


James Moore and James Morrison, each $1

Horse Running at Large

James Noonan, $1


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