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The Sun is Going to Come Out Tomorrow in Carleton Place


So MUCH going on tomorrow….

and as of Friday– we are only a day away…





Dedication of the Dunlop and Walsh Business Parks–10 am

Come Join us– Celebrating a 52 year old Promise Finally Being Kept

wallyc (1).jpg



Why? Why? A Wicked Carleton Place Family Event



Free Comic Book Day– remember last year? Today-Downtown Carleton Place at 11 am!




Geeked Out Toy and Collectible Sale- at Murray’s Flea Market– 555 High Street Carleton Place



First 100 shoppers will get a free comic book! First 100 kids will get to participate in a treasure hunt and leave with a loot bag full of goodies!!

We will have Leonardo from The Ninja Turtles joining us at 10am! Waterfall Catering is doing a BBQ from 10am-4pm!

Every child who comes in wearing something geek related or a costume will get a toy!

We have comic book, toy and video game vendors set-up inside!! As well as some geek artists – a definite MUST see!!

‪#‎GetYourGeekOn‬ in Carleton Place this Saturday, May 7th!!





Why? Why? A Wicked Carleton Place Family Event




So you have seen the event on FacebookA Family Fun filled day you don’t want to miss!!

Bring out the family and come join us in celebrating our new location and our expansion to include Taylor’s Flooring with Valley Granite!! 

140 Industrial ave, Carleton Place, Ontario K7C 2V6 Yadda Yadda Yadda

So WHY should you drive your car out to Industrial Ave on Saturday?

When you consider how many small businesses surround you in your everyday lives, it is impressive to think about the amount of time, commitment and labor these hard working individuals contribute to make their businesses both come to life and stay alive.

Small businesses deliver community character and economic advantages to the town they are positioned in, but also strengthen partnerships among neighbors, residents, other small business owners, community leaders and even schools by offering social and economic relationships.

Many of our local businesses also support local causes, creating even more good within a community. So that is what Brad and Lisa Occomore do every single day. They support the community like nobody’s business.

So bring the family out and celebrate what this Carleton Place family does for us!

We grow good people in Carleton Place-with honesty sincerity and integrity!





• BBQ – All proceeds to Habitat for Humanity’s build in Carleton Place
• Bouncy Castles
• Little Ray’s Reptiles
• Craft & gifts for Mother’s day
• Music/Karaoke by Barreoke
• Games
• Kiddie Craft section
• Visit and play time with Princess Elsa
• Live demonstrations
• Face painting
Crafter/Vendor Booths
Sales, Promotions AND MORE…
140 Industrial Ave 10am-3pm


Facebook event page

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Can We Please Stand Up and Cheer Valley Granite & Tile?

Of course there is Free Comic Book Day downtown and Geeked out: Toys & Collectibles at another local business– Murray’s on High Street–Then to make matters even  more difficult– there is the Dunlop and Walsh Dedication at 10 am. going on at the same time.

So plan on attending everything!  May 7th is Family Day in Carleton Place!

Come Join us– Celebrating a 52 year old Promise Finally Being Kept

You’ll Always Be My Superhero – Super Dooper Hero Day Carleton Place Photos


Please play music while viewing photos


THIS WAS 2015– Come on down tomorrow for 2016 events!!




LAWS -Heroes Taking care of our Lanark Animals (shhhh Beth is the Cat)








images (4)






My personal superhero Mary Cook


Life hits you hard. But it takes you three seconds to decide if you are a superhero or not.




I Found the Incredible Hulk on Bridge Street — Photographic Evidence


Again- It’s comic book day! LOL

Comicbook brochure_Page_1

I heard The Incredible Hulk was on Bridge Street, but where could I find him?


I saw Wonder Woman at Reads Book Store and Coffee Shop on Bridge Street– but she had no idea where The Hulk was. They were also getting ready for Indies and Authors Day. Hope Mary Cook was not taken by Superman!


Was he hiding behind these real branch gates at The Floral Boutique?


Erica told me she had seen him and he was nearby. Suddenly the sky darkened….


Was that a rustle of Batman?


Deana said very little at The Granary— almost like she knew something- but I was mesmerized by the new addition she has created! Amazing!


Has he swung on her new chandeliers?


Hmmmmm… was he hiding up there. Look at the original tin ceiling!


Whoops.. I saw a flash of green and he was out of there…


No one knew where he went that day but he left his mark in town! See you at Comic Book Day in downtown Carleton Place

And don’t forget Murray’s Furniture and Flea Market too!

To celebrate Super Hero Saturday on May 2nd from 10 am until 2 pm
Free Comics and prizes for all kids 12 and under who come dressed up. Halloween in May!
525 High Street
Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 253-1804

Why I Will Never Be Lois Lane


It’s Comic Book Day in Carleton Place

images (2)

A darker post about super heroes or not so super heroes.

Nov 8th, 2010

All I wanted to do Friday afternoon was go downtown and take pictures of “real” people speaking their mind about the Mehserle/Grant case at the Oakland City Hall. They had singers, artists, and speakers to hopefully thwart off a possible riot after the sun went down. When I expressed my intentions to Steve I was told to remain at home and stay out of trouble. Seeing that I had viewed the outcome of 56 stray bullets the week before; he thought I had enough violence for the month. Like everyone else I needed some sort of closure. Johannes Mehserle, a BART Transit Officer, had faced a possible 14-year maximum term after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

The BART policeman had responded to trouble on one of the subway platforms and ended up using his gun instead of what he thought was his taser on Oscar Grant. The case against Mehserle had provoked a lot of horrible racial unrest in Oakland.They were supposed to announce the sentencing at noon and then it was delayed. Steve called every thirty minutes to make sure I was not going to do something stupid, as he said. I sat on my computer chair and sulked, and then I sulked some more.  Finally just before 2 pm Mehserle’s verdict was announced–he had been given the minimum possible prison sentence of two years for fatally shooting an unarmed Grant.

I knew trouble was going to hit the fan and all I wanted to do was take the bus and get down there for some pictures. I put on my black hoodie and walked to the bus stop. I waited for 10 minutes and then as the bus approached I just let it go by. First, I cannot lie to anyone, and then a bigger question on my mind was about being able to run if need be. My legs are pitiful and I knew if I was chased by someone spotting my camera I would end up at the mercy of whomever caught me. I am not a superheroe and realized that when I took pictures of local crime.


Photo–SHOOTING 2.13.12

The scene of the Feb. 23 shooting of a BHS senior at the intersection of Market and Lowell near the Oakland-Berkeley border. Photo: Linda Seccaspina -Berkeleyside and San Francisco Chronicle

I walked in the door, the phone was ringing, and it was Steve making sure I was home. I told him I had been taking pictures outside which was no lie. Nothing like taking pictures of spider webs when what I really wanted was to take pictures of citizens protesting injustice.

I was so angry I would never be like my hero Lois Lane. She was one tough as nails reporter who would have gone down there and been in the thick of it. Lois could probably run like the wind unlike myself and seldom needed rescuing. But if she absolutely needed to be saved, Superman would come running at the drop of a hat.

Saturday morning I went to the downtown bowels of Oakland and took pictures the day after the fact. I walked by Burger King and saw ‘The King’ in the window with the words:

“You are the Controller”.

I laughed out loud as I was not “the controller” nor was I Lois Lane. I had no Superman in my life except the one that drove me to take pictures. Walking towards the car I greeted some street people smoking a joint outside Walgreens. I put my camera back in my purse and realized I would forever have to settle being Jimmy Olsen. Not that there is anything wrong with that!


Be thankful that you live in the wonderful town of Carleton Place.. the other side of the fence has too many brutal realities. The average age of drug crime in the bay area  is 15-19 years old.

Just Another Day in Druggie Paradise