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Our Very Own Tom Sawyer–Adam of Arklan Island





Arklan Farm–is a tract of land without homogeneous character or boundaries. Arklan refers to the vicinity immediately east of Carleton Place and includes an island. This island was formerly utilized as a water power site and was first called Bailey’s Mills, then Bredin’s Mills and later Arklan Mills. Arklan Island on the Canadian Mississippi River.

The Timezone in Arklan Island is America/Pangnirtung
Sunrise at 05:43 and Sunset at 18:33. It’s light

Latitude. 45.1501°, Longitude. -76.1327°

If Tom Sawyer and his gang went to Jackson’s Island, Adam Dowdall went to to Snake Island last week. The real name is Arklan Island, but many locals call it Snake Island, because of the brown watersnakes by the shore.) 

Latitude. 45.1501°, Longitude. -76.1327°

Arklan is derived from the County name. This land was purchased by A. C. Burgess and his brother, G. A. Burgess (who was the mayor of Carleton Place in 1903 and 1921). The name Arklan was given to this property by Burgess.

The McNeely’s, who first owned the land for most of the twentieth century, maintained the name Arklan. Those of you who have grown up in Carleton Place know of this location as simply the Arklan Farm. Like Tom Sawyer Adam walked across the river on his two day visit as the river is low due to drought-like conditions. Adam said said the crossing took about 5 minutes as the riverbed is all bedrock. It was hard to take pictures as the island is all bush and full of poison ivy.

Arklan Island River finds: 1837 province du Canada half penny, 1852 Quebec half penny bank token, an awesome bell and a beautiful blue gemstone, which I do believe is cut glass.








Finds from Arklan Island Carleton Place. 1859 Canada large cent, 1854 American cent and an unknown American cent and 2 very old rings

Update from Adam Dowdall —Thank you but we don’t know if it’s cut glass yet and the 1859 large cent is to be appraised because if its valuable then I’ll have won the lottery






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