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Judy from The Cheddar Stop is Selling a Little Bit of Heaven from Clayton




Photo from the Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee Facebook Page


Madonna had a hit song called 4 minutes and I often wondered what one could do in those 4 minutes. However, I know now what takes 11 minutes.  Did you know it takes 11 minutes of sunlight falling on solar-electric panels to generate the electricity required to roast 8 pounds of our luscious coffee? I don’t know much about coffee, but Clayton’s very own Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee hand-roasts small-batches of carefully selected coffee beans.

They purchase their coffee beans through the farm gate, from small-lot farmers who care deeply about their plants, their land and the quality of the coffee they produce. Some of their coffee beans even come from 150-year-old shrubs. They guarantee their customers that they pay a minimum of 50% more than Fair Trade coffee, ensuring the well being of their producer-partners.


So now we can not only support local, but we can do it knowing how much these gals care about what they are selling to us. From their Facebook page I notice they also offer equal– opportunity hiring also. Need I say more? Maggie below is chilling  below after working hard in their order dept.



Kim and Lorraine from Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee in Clayton


Our beloved Judy Langdon at the The Cheddar Stop on Highway 7 (look for the pink cow) is now carrying their product. When you go in there to buy your treats and your cheese and fudge– pick up a bag. Whoops, did I say Ottawa Valley Fudge? It might be a few dollars more expensive, but you are getting nothing but sheer quality and you are supporting local– retail and wholesale.




What’s coming up at The Cheddar Stop? Judy says to be on the outlook for many new things and shhhhhhhhhh…. there is something brand new coming in for the frozen yogurt fanatics.

Did someone say ice cream?



Chocolate covered sponge toffee



Linda looking deranged in front of The Ottawa Valley Fudge

10471 Hwy 7
Carleton Place, Ontario
 1 613-257-3000


Did you Know?

Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee now comes in 100% biodegradable packaging! These amazing bags are manufactured from a combination of recycled paper and wood fibers and use CORN OIL to produce the “plastic” lining and one-way gas valve to keep your coffee fresh.

Each bag is marked with the following label that explains the amazing technology that goes into the simple paper bag.

The label in this update points to a special one-way valve that allows carbon dioxide gas generated during the roasting process to escape, while preventing coffee-spoiling oxygen from entering the bag.

A paper-style bag is obviously not moisture-proof. But if you look at our bag, you will see a plastic-style lining that prevents moisture from reaching the coffee. Corn oil has been used in place of traditional petrochemicals to produce this fully biodegradable liner.

Fresh coffee and a reduced waste stream. This is one more way that FLUID is committed to you and the environment!


Written with files from Fluid Roasted Coffee


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A Steamer is NOT What You Think!


When I first asked people what they thought a Steamer was I have to admit I got some funny answers. Just to be perfectly clear, it has nothing to do with dogs or old men.

Turning a cup of coffee or hot chocolate into a fancy beverage is sometimes accomplished by adding a layer of frothy milk to it. The tool that creates the milk layer is a steamer or frother.

Coffee steamers froth milk through direct pressurized steam injection. When the steam enters the milk, it creates froth or foam. A quick rotation of the tool increases the frothing action and makes more air bubbles. The temperature of the beverage remains constant because the milky topping is hot. A steamer is a hot commodity now in the Toronto and Ottawa coffee bars.

I was introduced to a Steamer at The Palms in Almonte last week and wondered if anyone in Carleton Place carried it. Instead of contacting Tim Horton’s or Starbucks I decided to hit our very own local merchants. BUT, I was reminded by Laura Babineau that Starbucks does do them, and although I consider them a big guy, it still employs many people from Carleton Place. They come in many different flavours but the vanilla one is the best. Thanks Laura for the reminder!

I asked Tiffany at the Ginger Cafe inside our historic train station, and she said they do not have it listed on the menu but she has done it for a few people. So do not be afraid to ask them for a Steamer. Remember they have a Vegetarian buffet, coffee & juice bar offering healthy, homemade food with vegan and gluten free options.

Small coffee –$1.75 plus tax
Large-$2.50 plus tax

When I walked into Read’s Book Shop & Coffee Bar Sarah Evans knew exactly what I was talking about. Don’t forget they also have fresh daily homemade soup and goodies. Just last week they had Potato leek soup today with the option of having a dollop of cream on top! Don’t worry our Vegan/Dairy free friends, they are still keeping it pure for ya!

Small Coffee $2.86 plus tax

Medium-$3.33 plus tax

Large-$3.67 plus tax

Sandra Hurdis Finigan said : Some time you should try a London Fog. Steamed milk, vanilla and Earl Grey tea at Read’s. Wonderful!

So try a steamer this week!

Reads Book Shop & Coffee Bar’s

135 Bridge St.
Carleton Place, Ontario
8:30am – 5:30am


Ginger Cafe

Carleton Place, Ontario
(613) 492-1345
Monday-Wednesday–9:00am – 8:00pm

Thursday-Friday-Saturday–10am – 4pm


Carleton Place- The Happiest Damn Town in Lanark County

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Tilting the Kilt, Vintage Whispers from Carleton Place by Linda Seccaspina is available at Wisteria at 62 Bridge Street, the Carleton Place Beckwith Museum in Carleton Place, Ontario and The Mississippi Valley Textile Mill in Almonte.  available on all Amazon sites (Canada, US, Europe) and Barnes and Noble