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Dunlop Industrial Park Naming to be Discussed in Carleton Place Council Closed Session?



Sean Redmond, councilor for the town of Carleton Place contacted me this morning and had this to say:

The reason the hearing is happening behind closed doors is because the town council had other family names put forward, along with the Dunlop name, for renaming the industrial parks. These names are all easily identifiable, so privacy is the main concern.

All the names are all very deserving of this honour, but in the long run some families are going to be disappointed if their names are not chosen. Sean wishes to remind everyone that your elected officials of Carleton Place are always open to discussion, ideas  etc.with their constituents, and never hesitate to call if concerned over some local matter.

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Posting on carletonplace.com yesterday by Ladybug: The  Dunlop matter is on the agenda for the Carleton Place Policy Review committee meeting for November 10th, but it will be discussed in private in closed session. 

So what is a closed session? Rules may vary from town to city but this is the general synopsis.

What is a closed session? • A meeting of the governmental body that is not open to the public

Who may attend a closed session? • Only the members of the governmental body have a right to attend the session • The board may decide to invite in others such as the clerk, treasurer, town attorney, town employee, etc.

How is proper notice provided? • If the chair knows that a closed session is anticipated, he or she must put the applicable statutory exemption on the agenda and specifically state the subject matter that allows for the closed session

When are closed sessions required? • Closed sessions are never required • If one of the statutory exemptions listed applies to the subject matter before the body, the body simply has the option of convening into closed session

Can someone force a closed session? • Employees or members of the public may request a closed session, but they cannot require one • If a closed meeting exemption fits, the town has the discretion to vote to go into closed session

Closed session minutes • Minutes should be taken in the closed session • Minutes should indicate the time the session started and ended,who was present, motions made, votes taken • Details of the discussion may be limited to identification of the topic discussed

Electronic recordings • Most towns recommend that recordings not be made of closed sessions because such recordings would be a public record subject to possible release.

Towns need to have very specific reasons to go into in camera.  I was told that they can’t go into a closed session unless it falls under one of the categories stated in the Municipal Act. “Relates to an identifiable individual” is probably the one they are using.  But, as stated above– according to Sean Redmond– it is because of a privacy issue.. I guess I will never understand politics. Do I want too?


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