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Women Arrested for Wearing Pants?




A young woman has appeared twice at the Clinton skating rink in male attire, and she is promised a visit from the magistrate if she repeats the performance.  February 1887 Almonte Gazette

“Any woman who wants to dress as a man must come to police headquarters to get permission.”


Despite the popular belief, women did wear trousers in the 1800s. It was the Great War (1914-18) and the need for women to toil in combat, industrial, and heavy agricultural settings, that led to wide acceptance of feminine trousers for daily wear in the Western World, although it was illegal in Paris for ladies to appear publicly in pants without a police permit up until 2013.


Of course, it would make sense that women at first wore pants precisely because they were more practical for outdoor work!  When around machines dresses are very dangerous as you can get them caught as with hair.


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Clinton is a community in the Canadian province of Ontario, located in the municipality of Central Huron. Established in 1831, Clinton first began when Jonas Gibbings, Peter and Stephen Vanderburg cleared out a small area to start. Clinton started to grow in 1844 when William Rattenbury laid out the plans to begin making a village. In 1954, Clinton’s population was 2625 people. Today, it has an estimated population of 3201.

Clinton is known as Canada’s home of radar and has a huge radar antenna in the downtown due to its association with RCAF Station Clinton during World War II. Clinton was known as The Corners or “Rattenbury Corner” in its earlier days.