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An Almonte Waterfall Turned Into Wool

An Almonte Waterfall Turned Into Wool

Here is a funny little bit which appeared in the Almonte Gazette in the year 1860, but sad to say that newspaper no longer exists. While a young lady, in the employ of Messrs. B. & W. Rosamond Co. and who attends to a carding-machine in one of their mills, was about her duties one day last week she had occasion to place her head under the revolving cards and her chignon, which must have been located at the “height of fashion.” coming to rather close proximity therewith, was snatched from the head of the fair owner and carded up in an unmerciful manner! We have no doubt the “boss carder” considered it a poor substitute for wool.



The Windsor Star
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
25 Jan 1908, Sat  •  Page 1





Ottawa Daily Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
01 Apr 1897, Thu  •  Page 8




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