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In Memory of Rosabelle Legree- Cheryl Cleroux

In Memory of Rosabelle Legree- Cheryl Cleroux



Linda Camponi that looks after local history sent a pic of my mom when she was 18..19 yrs old.. My sister and I have never seen it before. It is posted on the veterans wall at Union Hall.. I have her service medals. It sure makes me proud of my mom.

She is originally from Carleton Place..they owned 2 farms one is behind the Rona in Carleton Place.. I believe the barn is still there. There was a huge stone home further back where new houses are being build. I have an egg cup from the stone house that I have had since 1966. Cheryl Cleroux

finally found what L.A.W. meant on Mom’s picture.. Leading Aircraft Women..that was a surprise.



 - The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
11 Jul 1981, Sat  •  Page 58