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Shake Shake Shake Senora– Coconut Cream Pie Weekend in Carleton Place!




Play while reading to get that full coconut effect:)




Shake, shake, shake, Senora,
Shake your body line
Shake, shake, shake, Senora,
Shake it all the time
Work, work, work, Senora,
Work your body line
Work, work, work, Senora,
Work it all the time


Back in the late 1800s Europeans and Americans were really in to their imported tropical fruit like pineapples and bananas, but the coconut hadn’t yet taken off. This was mostly because they were hard to transport without spoiling, and because people didn’t really know what to do with them once they had them in their kitchens.

Everything started to change when a French company based in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) started shredding coconut meat and drying it for easier shipping, thereby making coconut accessible to European chefs and home cooks.

Shortly after gaining popularity in Europe, coconut took the United States by storm when a Philadelphia flour miller received a shipment of coconuts as payment of a debt from a Cuban businessman. In 1895 he set up a factory for shredding and drying his coconut meat and single handedly put coconut into the hands of American homemakers and commercial bakers and candy makers.

Recipes for coconut cream pie start showing up in cookbooks almost immediately, and by the early 1900’s coconut custard and coconut cream pie was everywhere. So let’s talk Coconut Cream Pie Weekend in Carleton Place!



The Cheddar Stop featuring Ottawa Valley Fudge ‎Coconut Cream Pie Weekend!

10471 Hwy 7, Carleton Place, Ontario K7C 0C4

Jun 18 at 12 PM to Jun 19 at 6 PM
Now if you go to Judy’s Facebook Coconut Pie Event page you can click on reserving a pie as they sell out quickly. All you have to do is press GOING and you have reserved a pie. How easy is that?

Jump in the line, rock your body in time for that Coconut Cream Pie at The Cheddar Stop

Buy Dad a Pie!! Reserve yours now..!!!
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What Do You Get With Greek Yogurt and Fudge?


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I call Judy Langdon from The Cheddar Stop on Hwy 7 The Mother of Comfort Food. She is better than a bartender-  and all her goodies are like a giant big hug. Okay, the hug probably costs a million calories, but at the moment she delivers. Today I walked in looking something the cat dragged in and she looked at me and said  “Frozen Greek Yogurt?” I nodded my head and asked for chocolate sauce. To anyone with a brain you only put fresh fruit on that healthy treat so she served up her fresh raspberries on top. Then she topped it off with a piece of Ottawa Valley Fudge. I rest my case. God Love Judy, God Love you…




What I felt like before Judy’s treat

Why Value Ice Cream Sandwiches Don’t Melt


Which one is not like the other?


Cheddar Stop in Carleton Place — fresh homemade cookies with Reid’s ice cream


No Name Brand

Christie Watson noticed that a Great Value ice cream sandwich her son left out on their patio table hadn’t fully melted — even though it had been sitting out for 12 hours on an 80-degree day. Watson left a second ice cream sandwich out overnight with the same results.

“What am I feeding to my children?” she asked, appalled.

According to WalMart’s website, the ice cream sandwiches contain milk, cream, buttermilk, sugar, whey, and corn syrup. It also contains “1 percent or less of mono-and diglycerides, vanilla extract, guar gum, calcium sulfate, carob bean gum, cellulose gum, carrageenan, artificial flavor, and annatto for color.”

I found a dirty little secret from the ice cream industry online: there are some ice cream manufacturers who substitute blocks of lard (vegetable oil) and milk solids (mostly whey a waste byproduct of processing milk into cheese) for cream. Taking the “cream” out of ice cream will drive down the cost tremendously. Emulsifiers are added to prevent the fatty lard from melting into an oily puddle. This could very well be the reason why the “ice cream” sandwich did not meltdown in the heat. You might find the low-priced store (private labeled) brands appetizing to your wallet but they are not all that appetizing when you realize what you are actually feeding yourself or your family.

Read labels people and avoid food with mysterious ingredients that only a scientist can pronounce.

New this weekend at The Cheddar Shop.. Home Made ice cream sandwiches that your eyes and stomachs will love:)
New at The Cheddar Stophttps://www.facebook.com/CHEDDARSTOP
Ice Cream Sandwiches, made with Fresh Baked Cookies! — at The Cheddar Stop featuring Ottawa Valley Fudge.

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