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Drynan Hollinger and Paul — Escape from a Bull

Drynan Hollinger and Paul — Escape from a Bull

Sept 1925

Mr. William Drynan of Clayton last Friday had an experience with an infuriated bull which might easily have turned out fatally. Mr. Drynan had disposed of the animal to Mr. Charles Hollinger, the cattle buyer. While the animal was being driven to the village from the farm it became angry and turned on Mr. Drynan. ‘As the-‘bull, a six year old, was known to be of an uncertain disposition, Mr. Drynan thought that the best way to move the the animal was to drive him out with the cows, so the Gazette was told.

As the animal neared the barnyard he turned on Mr. Drynan and knocked him down. Mr. Drynan with great presence of mind rolled himself up in a ball, a procedure which he remembered hearing was the correct thing to do in such an emergency. All the animal could then do was to nose him over and over. Mr. Drynan’s son William came upon his father at the mercy of the animal. The son gave a tremendous yell, which seemed to distract the attention of the animaI for a moment from Mr. Drynan. The latter called to John Drynan and Robert Paul, who had been attracted to the scene by the noise, to shoot the bull.

Mr. Paul immediately ran to the house for his rifle. As Mr. Paul returned with his rifle, the animal turned from Mr. Drynan, and made straight for the former,with his head down. Mr. Paul fired just in time, knocking the animal dead. To make certain another shot was put into the bull. Mr. Drynan picked himself up a little worse for his experience, except for a few bruises and being sore. His watch and glasses were smashed. The onlookers’ stated to the Gazette representative that they considered his escape nothing short of miraculous. Mr. Drynan himself stated that if he had been knocked senseless and stretched flat the animal would of a certainty have killed him with his feet.

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Hurdis–isms–How A Man Who Broke Leg of Chas. Bollinger’s Cow Was Caught

Hurdis–isms–How A Man Who Broke Leg of Chas. Bollinger’s Cow Was Caught



How A Man Who Broke Leg of Chas. Bollinger’s Cow Was Caught


January 13 1928- with files from the Almonte Gazette

R. McMillan of Ottawa, appeared before *Magistrate J. T. Kirkland at Carleton Place on Wednesday charged with failure to transfer title of a car and was fined $10 and costs. For failure to return or remain at scene of an accident he was fined $27 and costs.

McMillan also made a deposit of $140 with the court to cover the costs of the cow which was run down on the road near Black’s Corners.The accident had caused the cow to break a leg and was afterwards shot. The cow belonged to Charles Hollinger.

Wilfred Hurdis, a young lad of about 16 years of age who was driving the cattle, having no paper or pencil on him took his stick and marked the number of the car in the snow. Afterwards it was transferred to paper and Traffic Officer Fred Turner was notified and took charge of the case.




Clipped from The Ottawa Journal03 Sep 1949, SatPage 34




Clipped from The Ottawa Journal11 Apr 1938, MonPage 16


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