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Carleton Place Ladies Auxiliary — Chamber of Commerce 1987– Mary Cook Archives

Carleton Place Ladies Auxiliary — Chamber of Commerce 1987– Mary Cook Archives

 - The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
15 Dec 1987, Tue  •  Page 8



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                        Mary Cook Newspaper Archives

Chamber of Commerce Then and Now in Carleton Place

Does Carleton Place Have the Oldest Chamber of Commerce? Carleton Place 101


Chamber of Commerce Then and Now in Carleton Place

Chamber of Commerce Then and Now in Carleton Place


Photo Amber Marshall-Campbell Chamber of Commerce Gala- The Grand Hotel October 2019

History is the narrative that gives meaning, sense and an explanatory force from the past into the present. So tonight I will remind you of some of this year’s Carleton Place 200th activities and compare it to Carleton Place past. I would like to think that it might have crossed a local business person’s mind for one brief second years ago that things would change a great deal in years to come in Carleton Place.

2019 is set to go down as one of the most exciting years in Carleton Place as we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first settlers arriving in our community. This year we had 8 Come Home to Carleton Place Celebration Events, 15 additional CP 200th Community Events and 17 Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum Events. It was said that it was the busiest summer that Carleton Place ever had and the pile of hats thrown on my bed in the month of July attested to that fact. We still have the time capsules yet to do, the Community Oven and the Santa Claus Parade and the Mississippi Mudds Retrospect to our 200th– so just to remind everyone– we are not done yet.


On January 26, 2019 we had the Carleton Place Winter Carnival and in January of 1956 the Ottawa Citizen reported that the ‘glamourous’ Miss Carole Mcintyre  daughter of G. E. McIntyre of Lake Ave West won Miss Eastern Ontario at the Perth Winter Carnival. Some were worried there might be shenanigans afoot as yet another Carleton Place gal Joan Hendry was crowned Miss Eastern Ontario the next year in 1957. In 1960 the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce, assisted by the Ladies Auxiliary, agreed to sponsor and select the town’s representative for the Eastern Ontario Snow Queen contest to be held in Perth on February 20,1960.  It was noted that a Carleton Place girl did not win that year.


img (93).jpeg

1960’s Fashion Shows– Once a Huge Extravaganza!

From April 5-7, 2019 The Carleton Place Spring Home & Fashion Show was held at the arena and in the same month of 1969 sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Chamber of Commerce annual fashion shows began hosted by Mary Cook to raise money to provide Red Cross swimming instruction, lifeguards and maintenance of Riverside Park for 400 Carleton Place children during the summer. The town had the only Ladies Auxiliary in the Chamber of Commerce organization in Canada, and in 1975, then Mayor Eldon Henderson, asked the Chamber to take over some of the duties of the town hall because the mail load was getting too much for the town hall staff. Can you imagine that?  “You’ve got mail!”



The Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
28 Nov 1928, Wed  •  Page 35


On July 26, 2019 the Carleton Place Trivia Night was sponsored by the Carleton Place & District Chamber of Commerce held at the arena. In the same month in 1928 the newspaper reported that it was claimed by the business officials of Carleton Place that there were almost as many former residents of Carleton Place living in Ottawa as there were in Carleton Place that year. Prominent citizens of Carleton Place thought that the town was just a trifle too close to Ottawa for the town’s own good. If it were only a hundred miles away they thought, they might have a far better chance of rapid expansion. If they only saw Carleton Place today that piece of trivia might have fell by the wayside.


On July 27, 2019 we had the Jason Blaine Concert and in the same month in 1952–the Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce, headed by town councillor’s wife Mrs. Homer Tripp began Saturday night dances in the Town Hall that drew an average of 500 teenagers from here and the neighbouring towns of Smiths Falls, Perth and other communities each and every week.



 “It was good for the youngsters and good for Carleton Place”, they all said.

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
04 Feb 1958, Tue  •  Page 14


The Chamber’s Ladies Auxiliary also  introduced one of the first craft shows to the town as well as the  annual old-time fiddling and step-dancing competition.


img (92).jpeg

The Chamber of Commerce’s Amazing Race

In July 28 of 2019 we had the first Carleton Place Amazing Race held at the Market Square and in the same month in 1956 the Carleton Place Canoe Club had the first annual 7 mile race from Almonte to the Carleton Place Town Hall. The only notable person from Carleton Place to ever come near the top every year during those races was Dave Findlay. In 1959 the Chamber of Commerce took over and in 1963– the Annual Seven-Mile Road Race ran under the sponsorship of the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce. That year, three additional events were added. The top award given out was the Queens Hotel Trophy which was allegedly filled with beer.



Parades in Carleton Place– Your 200th memory.. late 1950s Photo Lorraine Nephin

Two of our largest events this year  were the Monster Bingo in July with 279 people at the arena and the RCMP Musical Ride in September where almost 3,000 people filled the CPHS track. The largest crowd ever to hit Carleton Place was over 5,000 people in July 1959 at Riverside Park for the County Orange Celebration where the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce took out a 1/3 page ad in the Ottawa Journal along with 50 local merchants to welcome everyone to the huge event and come visit Carleton Place.






Carleton Place Christmas Parade– It was a fairy tale theme. We did Snow White had to drive to Montreal to get the costumes. Ralph Shaw as Prince Charming–Carleton Place Santa Claus Parade Photos


Our Carleton Place parades have always been a success, and it was no different this year for our 200th parade and Classic Car Parade. Did you know that in 1962 the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce decided to make the Santa Claus Parade an annual event? John Patterson was appointed chairman of a committee in the chamber and that year they decided to investigate the possibility of organizing a Junior Chamber of Commerce in Carleton Place.



Jennifer, Joanne and Syd at the Carleton Place & District Triva Night

Determination, hard work, under the 200th committee with the help of The BIA, the Chamber, the Museum the 200th volunteers, town staff and Joanne Henderson proved that dreams do come true if one is willing to work hard. What was just dreams at the beginning of the year turned into more than I ever could have ever imagined and has cause excitement for our town. Excitement that I hope never dies down.


But just like our historical past and our incredible 200th it takes all of us to continue the same trends as our residents of Carleton Place did throughout the town’s history:

They promoted local.. they shopped local.. they spent local and they enjoyed local. Now the Carleton Place & District Chamber of Commerce in 2019 encourages you to: Be a #shoplocalcp warrior! 1. Visit your favourite business 2. take a picture with your local purchase 3. share your picture on social media with #shoplocalcp and repeat!


 - 70041156_10156966747487690_6148585480561623040_n (1).jpgPhoto courtesy Peter Bradley–The Cook Girls – The Mary Cook Girls- Peter Bradley



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Time to Change the “What’s In it for Me” Attitudes




We’re all self-centred– and that is just how it is. So if you are a leader in any capacity you need to make sure your employees are being treated right during any kind of a transition.

No one likes change– as change is a movement towards something different. But, a common ingredient in failed change efforts is that sometimes the people advocating the change are blind to any viewpoint other than their own, and don’t take the time to think before they act.

People that rule the lands or sit on boards always seem to live in a different world than the folks on the ‘shop floor’. That is not to suggest that one is better or lesser than the other, but you need to produce ideas that people can believe in and will work. If our downtown does not carry products or provide services that encompasses what customers are looking for- people are going to take their business elsewhere. It is that plain and simple.  How many people spend most of their time listening and observing to what is REALLY going on in downtown Carleton Place?

I fully admit I cannot provide all the solutions, but I’m not just a writer. Since 1967 I have worked in retail and marketing. Twenty five of those years were spent in my own business while still promoting other small Ottawa businesses and the local Ottawa music scene. I never ever asked once “what was in it for me”– because if you are not devoted to a project with heart and soul for the betterment of business for all–then why bother.

I fight for things that the town of Carleton Place lacks just for the satisfaction of hoping to see the day the town finally comes together. Yes, I am constantly told I have no clue what I am talking about. But, it doesn’t take a Harvard Business grad to see what is actually happening here in Carleton Place.

We want to have a successful downtown–yet I can’t see some suggested ideas working. Then again, nostalgia for the past will not sell the downtown in the present either. You have to have complete control over  your downtown – from special events to even getting rid of the weeds.

Developing and sustaining a mixed use downtown is challenging and we need a balanced leadership group to work on issues. Downtown organizations must have strong outreach efforts which must include working one-on-one with local businesses, and those businesses must have confidence that the right decisions will be made, and made in the right way.

I think most people realize that “the same old” isn’t working here, so we do need to be looking at creative ways other towns have revitalizing their downtowns, and who they have worked with to accomplish their goals. Maybe that means starting new relationships with people from outside of Carleton Place, people with fresh eyes and a different perspective. We desperately need to do something.

In reality there are no single solutions for our downtown right now– but we all need to look beyond that ‘what’s in it for me’ mentality to regain the economic health before the final threads of hope are lost.


Comment from a reader on Facebook

Steve Yaver I’ve only been here 7 months, but  I think it’s possible people from the outside will have a fresh perspective. From what I’ve seen, there seems to be a lot of cronyism in CP, with people pretty polarized on both sides, which is natural in a small town. I think having someone with zero preconceived notions, etc, can make a huge difference, even if it’s just to get a fresh pair of eyes on things.

What I do see is a town pulling in two directions – one that wants badly to revitalize downtown, preserve its heritage, and keep to its small town roots, but at the same time, embracing dense housing development, sometimes at the sacrifice of those roots others want to preserve.

I see a town at a crossroads that ultimately needs to decide whether it wants to stick to the roots on which it was founded, which can easily included SUSTAINABLE development, and attracting business (and I don’t necessarily mean storefronts, but other types of business so there are real employment opportunities locally) or whether it wants to be a town of commuters, which likely means more big box stores and possibly a further decline in the downtown area.



Really? Really? How Well Do You Know Your Town?





I saw this question and comments on a very popular internet site and thought I would share– I didn’t make any of this up. Is this the best we have to share with people coming to town?

Please note: I did not edit any of the answers, as I was too busy shaking my head.

The Question

So, what can we expect when we move to Carleton Place in the next few weeks? Who should be our internet provider? Good place to pick up a meal on the way home when we don’t feel like cooking? What about a place or two for date night? Best local beer? Is there some sort of board gaming club in the area? Go / no go areas of town? Where do you do your groceries (besides Costco in Kanata)?

The Answers:

Answer 1

National Capital Freenet for internet, The shawarma place on bridge street is good for I don’t wanna cook nights, we also have most of the other chain restaurants.

For date night there is car show at the farmers market every Wednesday night in the summer and a few at the beach. The best restaurant in town is St. James Gate.

Everyone just goes to the moose for beer there are a few other bars and they all have various events and such. There are 3 grocery stores, Wal-mart, price choppers and fresh-co so take your pick. That’s about all I can help you with, good luck I hope you didn’t buy one of those houses they built on a swamp.

Answer 2

We don’t have a price choppers, but we have Walmart, Fresh-Co and Independent for groceries, as I’m sure you’ve noticed driving by on the highway. There are 100 Chinese places, they all taste relatively similar. We also have 100 pizza places, Milano and Dominoes are my favourites. There isn’t much downtown, but I’m sure you’ve noticed. Great place to live if you have a boat though.

Answer 3

A couple of options: Low key; St James Gate on Bridge Street is an awesome Irish pub. Upscale-ish I’ve heard that Ballygiblins is now a fancy place but haven’t been. If you’re looking for more food than you can eat at a cheap price and good food hit up the gourmet on the highway. It’s an old school small town/truck stop restaurant. Good food. Great prices and you’ll be taking some home.

Best local beer: Ever since they stopped brewing Hart beer in Carleton Place I don’t know of any local beers. Sorry.

Author’s Note-By this point my screams can be heard all over town, and I am screaming,”Stalwarts, Stalwarts!” and silently throwing in: “the new restaurant’s name is Chesswood!” I scroll down and find inner peace when I read the next answer.

Answer 4-

Stalwart Beer is really good.



Places you can find out information

The town of Carleton Place

Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce

Downtown BIA

Welcome Wagon

OR —you can email me and I would be thrilled to give you any information, or put you in touch with the right people.


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Just Like Mount Rushmore…





Nearly three million people visit Mount Rushmore each year. South Dakota historian Doane Robinson is credited with conceiving the idea of carving the likenesses of famous people into the Black Hills region of South Dakota in order to promote tourism in the region.



Mount Rushmore has become an iconic symbol of the United States, and now we too have another tribute to Carleton Place and the iconic people that believed in our town. Shaun McInnis, mural artist, is busy working on Wandering Wayne’s/ Wayne Richardson’s mural located on Allan St at the end of the Queen’s Hotel..

McInnis’s  work is all over the Town of Carleton Place, which has commissioned him to do many murals in recent years. Councillor Jerry Flynn, mural project co-ordinator, has nothing but praise for McInnis as a person and artist. “I couldn’t have asked for anyone better than Shaun McInnis.”

I am sure Wayne would have waved his hand and walked on when he saw Shaun painting his likeness– but beneath that cap on his head I’d like to think a smile would have appeared on his face as he continued his journey on the streets of Carleton Place.


Wayne Richards (1935-2016)

Wayne believed that one step at a time was good for the soul and he will forever be  known as Wandering Wayne to each and every person of Carleton Place. He was the last milkman that delivered door to door on a horse drawn wagon from the Carleton Place Dairy on Moore Street.  If you took the time to talk to him he could tell you more about the town and your family then you ever thought possible. Wayne requested the best of each of us in our little town and hopefully  for the most part we all met his expectations. Thanks Wayne for always reminding us to take the time to be kind–may you be walking the clouds in heaven. 

Come see all the murals in Carleton Place and those of the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum too

Please keep donating to the gofundmepage created by Linda Young or drop in and see Cathie at Downtown BIA office


It’s Back On Like Donkey Kong!-Wandering Wayne

Wayne Richards -You’ll Never Walk Alone Again

The Eating Place! You’ve Got to Eat in Carleton Place!

In Memory of Wandering Wayne –Wayne Richards

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Christmas in April – (Wandering) Wayne Richards

Does Carleton Place Have the Oldest Chamber of Commerce? Carleton Place 101


What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A chamber of commerce (or board of trade) is a form of business network, for example, a local organization of businesses whose goal is to further the interests of businesses. Business owners in towns and cities form these local societies to advocate on behalf of the business community. Local businesses are members, and they elect a board of directors or executive council to set policy for the chamber. The board or council then hires a President, CEO or Executive Director, plus staffing appropriate to size, to run the organization. Okay I understand that.

Are we one of the oldest Chamber of Commerce?

The first chamber of commerce was founded in 1599 in Marseille, France. Another official chamber of commerce would follow 65 years later, probably in Bruges, then part of the Spanish Netherlands. So how old are we?


Carleton Place Town Hall Photo


The Honourable Perrin Beatty of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce speaks to local business owners at the Carleton Place & District Chamber of Commerce breakfast this morning at the Town Hall. This year our Chamber celebrates a century of support for local business. Congratulations!

Historical Notes