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Another Demolished Building of Carleton Place –Gone Baby Gone!


I began to do a story on the local hotels and got side tracked when I saw these pictures of the former Snedden’s Central Hotel on Franktown Road in Carleton Place.

Thank you to Gaby from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum for getting these photos for me.


Picture 1 is a close up of Snedden’s Hotel.


Picture 2 shows the Canadian Coachman Hotel (Snedden’s Hotel) on the right as well as the building that was across from it that was torn down and now is SRC Music. Wait- What is that building across the street from the Central Hotel? I never knew it existed!


Let’s get a closer look!



So what happened to this building? Anyone know what it was? Why did it come down?


If you came out of Tim Horton’s and hung left today this is what you would see. Another beautiful building that left us!

Jennfier Fenwick Irwin said the building had a retail space on the first floor and apartments above. Thanks Jennifer!


Central Hotel Newspaper articles.



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