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Saying Goodbye to Cathie Hawkins McOrmond



I wrote about Cathie Hawkins McOrmond  awhile ago, and now I must write that today, Friday, is her last day at work for “Downtown Carleton Place”.  McOrmond’s Facebook page used to be consumed with town events squeezed in between her family’s photos. Now there are mostly inspirational posts, as Cathie chose to work her last 8 weeks as Project Manager for the Carleton Place BIA after her job became null and void in the restructuring of things.

I am not going to get specific about the colour of the grass on either side,  but an unplanned departure is never good news. The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart, and that is what Cathie has done. Today, let us celebrate Cathie as a friend, mother  and the never to be forgotten face of downtown Carleton Place.

You might not know that Cathie initially wanted to become a social worker when she was in High School. Sadly, the wayward youth of the Ottawa Valley did not have privy to her talents, and instead, the town of Carleton Place acquired Cathie to cheer lead us on at all our local events for the past decade.


Cathie has lived in Carleton Place since her high school days, and her family is very active in the community. The business graduate has many notches in her belt: teachers aid, life skills trainer, Crime Stoppers, Commodore at our local Canoe Club, and the list goes on.

Whether or not you agreed with her sometimes– you could always see the passion she has for our community.  Makim Gorky once wrote that only mothers can think of the future- because they give birth to it in their children. Cathie’s mother used to be a volunteer tuck shop coordinator for the Carleton Place Hospital. She had encouraged her daughter to volunteer there also, as  she felt it would give her a sense of community.


There is no doubt in my mind that losing Cathie is a loss, but hopefully we can learn something from it. As Rocky McDonald-  former chair of Downtown Carleton Place, formerly the Business Improvement Association (BIA) said to the Carleton Place and Almonte Gazette:

“Though, I do want it to be said I loved working with Cathie every second,” McDonald noted. “She is an amazing individual.”

“She really does have the town at heart,” he continued. “Unbelievable…that woman cares more about this town than, honestly, town hall cares about this town.”

To be a champion, you have to see the big picture. It’s not about winning and losing; it’s about every day hard work and about thriving on a challenge. That is and always will be Cathie–as an old Japanese proverb says: “Fall seven times, stand up eight”.


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Here Are your Downtown Carleton Place Board Members


acathy (1).jpg


I have had a ton of emails the last few days and today my inbox never stopped. You only have to read the latest story by Tara Gregg Gestner in the Carleton Place Almonte Canadian Gazette to see why.

Carleton Place BIA eliminates project manager position, a job held by Cathie McOrmond for nearly 12 years


“Jeff Maguire, the former publisher of the Carleton Place Canadian and Almonte Gazette newspapers, was chair of the BIA board when McOrmond was hired in 2004.

“Not only is she a local native who cares deeply about the community, Cathie also conducted her BIA role with a real sense of commitment and purpose,” he said. “She wasn’t hesitant to take on new projects, and her involvement with Bridge Street Bazaar, Lambs Down Park Festival and both the Christmas and Halloween parades speaks for itself.”

“Cathie has a passion for the job and for Carleton Place in general,” Maguire continued.

Calling the elimination of her position “a very short sighted decision,” he added, “I believe this move will adversely affect the community.”Carleton Place Almonte Canadian Gazette

If you have read my blogs the last week you know how I feel.  Some asked me who exactly sat on the BIA board. So I went to the Downtown Carleton Place site and found the list. Click here for the board members.

Rob Probert was out of town, if you read the story in the Gazette, so he had no knowledge of what transpired. So that ladies and gentlemen is the list of Downtown Carleton Place  board members which is pretty easy to find and public knowledge.

Time to Change the “What’s In it for Me” Attitudes


Don’t Forget to Smile Tomorrow at the Carleton Place Farmers Market!




When you come to the Carleton Place Farmers market you will see either me or the incredible Tracy Lamb taking pictures- See all these pictures here on our CPFM photo page or on Tracy Lamb’s  Flikr Page.  Carleton Place’s very own John Rayner has also graciously taken photos too.


Well tomorrow I am going to be on a Perth Bus tour for the Lanark County Geological Society so our lovely BIA chief cook and bottle washer Cathie Hawkins is going to be out and about the market taking pictures for next weeks stories! So don’t forget to say cheese!

Who the heck is Cathie? Well click on the link below and find out.

Cathie Hawkins McOrmond — She’s Just a Small Town Girl


So don’t forget to smile like  the wonderful people from Raj’s Indian Food-Sujata Dubey-You can find our all about them and their smiles here.

Remember life is worthwhile if you just smile!