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Carnival Diablo out at Generations on Mississippi Lake 2011


A Bizarro Carnival Diablo Tale of This and That and a Wee Bit of the Other

Once upon a time two women lived in a town so conservative they rolled up the sidewalks at night. Seeing both of them saw out of the box on most things This and That quickly became friends.  Sometimes This saw a little more outside of the box than That, who often wished she could too.

Whenever they met, This and That talked until the sun came up about needful things and a whole lot of “the other”. This was involved in eclectic things but That was still a force to be reckoned with in her own little way.

This left town one day and That had not seen her in years. Did that make a difference? No, not in the least! This went to a special event called Carnival Diablo where she immediately saw That and they both rejoiced. It was likeThis and That had never been separated and they quickly talked about the memories of all that had traveled down the road of lost years. Their friendship would always have a lifelong stronghold.

That had a special surprise to tell This. She  had two daughters and one of them had acquired a little bit of That and also now had a lot of “the other”! She had fallen in love with the Carnival of Wonders’ very own Professor Crookshank. This was over the moon because she loved Crookshank and his traveling show! This was pleased as punch because Thats’ daughter had finally found a little corner of “the other” that her mother had always searched for.

This had always dreamed about becoming a carnie in a traveling sideshow. She assumed because she was so out of the box it might possibly be a great life for her. Sadly This never became a carnie so she simply just “oohed and ahhed” over the carnivals that came to town. This had met the Jim Rose Circus but thought they might have too much of “the other” for her;  but a sideshow like Carnival Diablo was right up her alley.

This liked how Carnival Diablo had a Victorian setting for their entertainers that performed in a manner similar to the days of old. This dreamed of what she might have been had she joined a carnival. Could she have become a Gothic clown or would she have run the Victorian games of skill? She still had some serendipity but maybe just not enough of “the other” anymore.

As This woke from her daydream she knew that the outcome of her aging life was now set in stone. So instead of dwelling on what could have been;This and That giggled about the changes in their lives and knew that no matter how far apart they were one would not forget the other. They would always be This and That and now That’s daughter had a whole lot of “the other” to pass down the line.

As This told That, “You can never ever have too much of “the other” because it’s what magic is built upon.”

That looked at her friend This and pointed to her “all access” badge she wore around her neck. This shook her head and knew that her magic was disappearing with age.

Not that there is anything wrong with that as she waved her hands in the air and said to That,

“Always keep the circus going inside you, and don’t take anything too seriously as it will all work out in the end.”

A few can touch the magic string, and noisy fame is proud to win them: Alas for those that never sing, but die with all their music in them!
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Images and text: Linda Seccaspina 2011
Quote : David Niven
Thanks to Scott and all the rest of the Carnival of Wonders and of course to Ginny and Jessica
Images of my friend Ginny Huether- Nikolai Diablo of the Festival of Wonders and Yves Drouin the strongman a.k.a The Mighty Colossus

Side shows will abound! Don’t miss “Professor Crookshank’s Travelling Medicine Show”. This loud and eccentric performer will arrive in a bright red 19th century caravan, and is travelling for the first time this year throughout Eastern Ontario, with a stop at the Upper Canada Heritage Carnival! Be there to see this all-new, old-tyme show!!

As an added attraction, visitors to the Heritage Carnival will have the opportunity to see first-hand one-of-a-kind circus oddities such as the celebrated “Fiji Mermaid”, in “Diablo’s World of Wonders” dime museum

Images of my friend Ginny- Nikolai Diablo of the Festival of Wonders and Yves Drouin the strongman a.k.a The Mighty Colossus