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Carleton Place Public School— Circular 27 Rural — Names Names Names

Carleton Place Public School— Circular 27 Rural — Names Names Names



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Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  08 Jul 1944, Sat,  Page 4

The following names have passed under the provisions of Circular 27 and will be granted a high school entrance certificate when they have complete 13 weeks of farm labour.


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Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  19 Aug 1943, Thu,  Page 5

As in other areas of society, everything changed in education during and after the war. People stayed in school longer. Especially for vets and rural students, college became more important, and more were able to attend. In agriculture, the research that land grant universities conducted became critical to the advancement of farming. Training future farmers gained momentum. And rural schools began the painful process of consolidation. Before the war in 1940, only about half of the people had completed at least eight years of school and rural areas lagged behind urban areas in educational attainment.

Each year, children started working in the fields as soon as the weather permitted and as soon as they were strong enough. Some kids couldn’t finish school – family illness forced then to leave and begin farming.  One local lad also left school to help on the farm. His father suffered from pneumonia, so it became his job “to keep the farm running during the winter; it was his job to stay home, and it wasn’t that important to go to school after eighth grade.”





 - In the Glebe Collegiate list, names of those ....

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal,  18 Aug 1943, Wed,  Page 4


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