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Who were the Carleton Place Orioles?



St. Augustine’s Anglican Church, Prospect, Ontario.

This church is not being used regularly.

August 1934 A Delightful Evening

The social held last Monday evening in the beautiful grove, on the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Cameron McTavish, first concession of Drummond, under the auspices of St. Angustine’s church, will stand out as one of the most enjoyable events of the summer months to be field in that section. A most elaborate program had been arranged and all entered heartily into the festivities.

There were guessing contests, drawings, a good prize, dancing and refreshments. The one guessing a correct or, nearest correct number of beans in the jar was the prize winner, and there were numbers ranging from it few hundreds to up in the thousands.


Mr. Russell Griffith took home the coffee percolator donate by Messrs. Chaplin and Code, while, Mr. Arden Dopson, of R.R. No. 1, Perth, has the James Brothers camp chair in which to take a well earned rest after his day’s work, He having guessed the second nearest number of beans in the jar. The first prize in the drawing was a bag of flour donated by the Dominion Stores, and was won by Merton Dockeroll, while the delicious chocolates, donated by Messrs. Kerr & Duncan, Druggists, Perth, were carried away by Mr. Snedden, of Carleton Place.


In addition to the two above attractions there was a gate prize ticket and Mr. Geo. Armstrong, R.R. No. 5, Perth, is can of honey to the good, a donation by Mr. James Doyle, Grocer.



During the evening refreshment were served by the ladies of the congregation and dancing was the amusement. Later, the Carleton Place Orioles supplying the music. The receipts of the evening were most encouraging.

The Carleton Place Orioles were:

Leader was: Clinton Drader, H.A. Gill, Fanklin Boyd, Clyde Emmerson, John Ball, G.W. Comba– Photo by Canada Hardy’s Studio- Carleton Place 1932.

Photo from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum