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What’s in the Back Seat? Another Story of Our Carleton Place Police Force



What’s in the back seat sir, took a new meaning in January of 1965. Our local OPP Constable Lloyd Crego was chasing a speeding car just outside of Carleton Place at the four corners. When he drew up along side of the car the driver slammed on the brakes sharply coming to a quick stop. As he was issuing out a speeding ticket and lecturing the driver he heard a lot of commotion in the back seat of the car.

Not knowing what was going on back there he approached with caution. Seems the back seat passenger was rather a large man and had been sleeping on the back seat. With the sudden halt of the speeding car it had thrown him to the floor where he was wedged firmly between the front and back seat. With his first duty completed, Lloyd assisted the human extrication job trying to avoid the man’s legs that were flailing wildly in the air.

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